I am really happy now! Mommy just returned from her trip to San Antonio, Texas. I really missed her while she was gone. Da came by to feed me while she was away. He brought me my favorite spinach. Yummy!

When Mommy came into the kitchen, she opened up my cage and fussed over me, like she usually does. She even let me out for a little while. I was able to stretch my legs and hop around, which is always fun. I like to sniff out things on the floor. I did see a little spider crawl by but didn't want to bother him.

Now that Mommy is back, I look forward to our playtime together. I like that so much. I really like to look out the back door in the early morning because I know that my bird friends will usually drop by to sing to me. I am still trying to figure out how to grow wings so that I can fly with them sometime.

While Mommy was away, I did have a funny, little dream. I dreamt that I was hopping around in the forest, sniffing plants and enjoying the breeze that tickled my fur. It was very nice in the forest...I could tell by the shadows around me that there were some pretty tall trees there. As I made my way around some leaves on the ground, I could see that there was something digging around in the dirt ahead of me. What is it? I decided to investigate, so I hopped towards it. When I got a little closer, I noticed that it had a super, long tail. It turned back to look at me but then scampered off. I tried to hop after it, but it was too quick for me to keep up. I just wanted to be its friend...

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