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El Niño goes artistic on Sunset Cliffs

Big swells sculpt new island from sandstone

The northern parking lot on the boulevard in Sunset Cliffs Natural Park has a beautiful new sea stack. The sandstone pillar was formed overnight on February 24th. The night's high tide was 4.42 feet at ...

Outrageous fish tale (with photo)

Halibut almost a third of the length of the boat caught with 10 lb. test

It was a beautiful fall day in late November. In between weather fronts, warm with little or no breeze and a small swell. The ocean water temperature was unseasonably warm at 64-66 in the kelp ...

After the flood in Ocean Beach

Reader reporter's cautionary tale holds water six years later

On September 15th, local evening news programs were full of reports on the effects of over an inch of rain that fell across the county during a one-to-three-hour time span. 10News reported a submerged Lamborghini ...

The 12-foot board

On the beach they’d be anxious; paddling out, scared

In 1980, Seagull surf shop was across the street from the beach in O.B. I’d hit the dawn patrol with all the locs and go change in back of the shop to get ready for ...

Heavy ship, matey

San Salvador replica inches toward the brine

For the past couple of days there has been a flurry of activity at the Spanish Landing build site of the San Salvador replica. It’s ready to be floated, but getting it into the water ...

Terry's board

The Hendricks of bodyboarding

I first met Terry Hendricks showering off by the lifeguard tower after a morning surf in Ocean Beach around 1970 or ’71. At the time I was unaware he was a noted scientist and held ...

Burrowing Owl Moves in to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Visitors of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve are being greeted by a burrowing owl — the first one to be seen in the reserve for decades. For the past month or so, at the base ...

Sandstony Cliffs of Sunset

The December 7 meeting of the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Council was canceled due to storm-related power outages in the Point Loma area. On the agenda was a presentation by City Associate Engineer Paul Jacobs. ...

Goin' Native

California State Parks and the Los Peñasquitos Lagoon Foundation have been working on habitat restoration along the southern side of Carmel Valley Road since mid October 2008. The three-acre Carmel Valley Road Restoration Project's aim ...

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