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RIP Billy Bacon of Forbidden Pigs

Founding singer/songwriter/bassist/frontman had just moved to Nebraska

William Seth Russell, aka Forbidden Pigs founder, singer/songwriter, bassist and frontman Billy Bacon, passed away Tuesday evening, August 20. "Last time I spoke with him, he was planning on selling his place in Texas and ...

Need to store my surfboard in PB – price negotiable

San Diego Reader Classified ads, August 21, 2019 .

Call in your FREE classified ad (619) 450-4293 voice mail. Or text it to us (619) 272-2772. Or visit and fill in classified ad form. (Businesses can use this too for $5 classified ads) ...

Romeo and Juliet: Who were the Capulets and Montagues during Shakespeare’s day?

Democrats and Republicans are two feuding groups

“Wherefore art thou Romeo?” I’m assuming that’s a line you’ve heard before. For the purposes of this article, I’d like to change it to “Who-fore art thou Romeo?” Who were the Capulets and the Montagues? ...

Phuoc Nguyen and Ford Winslow: cyber-security missionaries

The global cybersecurity market will be worth $156 billion by the end of this year

Phuoc Nguyen, a guy I was standing next to on Fifth Avenue watching the street’s Comic-Con crowds last month, might turn out to be a caped hero himself. He’s a cyber crime-fighter. “You could say ...

Cornhole Tournament, Shade along the trail, Barks & Brews Fest, Candy & Shelley Go to the Desert, Heart and Joan Jett

Events August 22-August 28, 2019

Saturday | 24 Cornhole Tournament Round one is “round robin,” where each team plays four games. The top two teams from each court play head to head in a single elimination match. The top eight ...

L.A. Times writers plead with readers

Luis Gomez frets re U-T Hispanic coverage

Immigrant’s plea With talks for a labor agreement between the Los Angeles Times and its reporters’ union lagging, the journalists are beseeching Times readers to get in touch with the super-rich man in charge to ...

Software headaches at San Diego city colleges

City, Mesa, Miramar will reduce classes

During the 2019 - 20 academic year that started this week, the San Diego Community College District will have to trim its spending by $30 million in order to achieve a balanced budget. So stated ...

San Diego's weird backcountry real estate

No traffic, but you need septic tank, well, propane

Bad foundations. Leaky pipes. Illegal garage conversions. Death (owner or otherwise) on a property. These are all things that have at least once derailed the sale of a piece of real estate during my 20 ...

San Diego State not that selective

A better rat trap

Better trap builder I just read the recent article titled “San Diego rat tales” by Dryw Keltz (Neighborhood News, August 13). I wanted to say that I follow all of the news covering rodent related ...

The Robledo family: world travelers

“This is their education”

“I worked out that in Europe we would need $300 a day for 126 days,” says Gabi Robledo. She was 16 at the time, the planner of the family. “That meant we had to save ...

Discounts on kale smoothies and Miller High Life

Step One: Achieve Insider Status

Dear Hipster: I’ve recently moved into San Diego, and into my first apartment post-college that’s really mine. At least, it’s mine and my roommate’s, because there’s no way I could afford a 1BR spot for ...

Good hiking and beautiful vistas at Los Santos Trail Loop near Murrieta

Take this hike to view old California—rolling hills, oaks, wildflowers, and wildlife.

Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve, near Murrieta in Riverside County, consists of 9000 acres and many hiking trails. The one described here has good hiking with lots of beautiful vistas; wildlife such as birds, coyotes, ...

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