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Standing Rock in Lakeside?

Barona and Viejas bands join fight against sand mining in El Monte Valley

Bobby “Walking Stick” Wallace, national chief of the Longest Walk with the Barona Band of Mission Indians, announced few days ago that his tribe is stepping in to join locals against a sand mining project ...

Missing Yukon diver reunited with boat

Boater propped by her rental boat after jumping into bay to rescue dog

Sept 2 01:48 Swimmer: Lifeguard and San Diego Police units respond to Crystal Pier for someone supposedly yelling for help in the water. SD Police on scene with two intoxicated swimmers who went in the ...

The new, old all-you-can-eat spot

Bawarchi's buffet made the move to tech country

There’s a small cluster of Indian restaurants on and around Black Mountain Road, just north of Miramar Road. I used to frequent one called Bawarchi, mainly for its weekday, all-you-can-eat buffet, and mostly that for ...

Undisclosed sex felons pose risk to talent school

Mental health inmates could imperil Mission Valley children

A Mission Valley mental health clinic treating federal prison inmates has been operating steps away from a talent school, exposing unknowing neighborhood children to the risk of contacts with sex offenders, says a recently released ...

The fate of Ofo bikes in San Diego

Still serving in one form or another

On September 21, between 12 noon and 2 pm, I noticed over 75 yellow Ofo bikes around town; about half were still being used. “It’s a score,” Joey G. said, “if you find them unlocked, ...

San Marcos in crosshairs of Growthzilla

Your backcountry or mine?

To North Country residents living near Merriam Mountains, it feels like Dr. Frankenstein is bringing that monster back to life. A monster called urban sprawl the community chased out of their backcountry in 2010. Back ...

Bodysurfs with dolphins at Torrey Pines

Beats backgammon

Last summer in August of 2017, my wife and I were sitting under an umbrella at Torrey Pines State Beach playing backgammon when I noticed a commotion in the water. Straight out from us were ...

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