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The casino's been built — Jamul is still fighting it

Seriously down on the res.

The Jamul Indians’ next 12,000 years will be air conditioned.

Netflix picks

Seven siblings fight for the right to live, and two teenagers accomplish so much in so little time

The End of the F*ing World (UK, 2017, Netflix) is a British TV show with eight episodes. It’s based on the graphic novel by the same name. It’s witty and fresh, plus it comes with ...

When I hated myself, she loved me

Two poems by Cecilia Woloch

Whose River And then one day, so many have gone to wherever they go, and the river shines — a slurring of green between the trees; a faint gold light on the other side. The ...

Myrtle’s electric juicer

Strange political bedfellows

Fourth District city council Democrat Myrtle Cole has been collecting major money from some strange political bedfellows for her reelection campaign, getting $250 from Nicole Capretz, executive director of Climate Action Plan on November 21, ...

Captain Morgan Lee revives the meatier soul

When not onstage, Henry Wallace drives a bus, marches with Panthers

When he works the MTS late shift, Henry Wallace takes on different routes until he gets off at 3 a.m. “I’ll pick up domestic workers who are getting off work at the Hotel Del who ...

“MMMBop” was one heck of a song

Your best friend’s little sister was right

Dear Hipster: Is it finally safe to admit that I really like the song “MMMBop,” or can people make fun of me for that? — Dave Can you believe it? Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere can ...

Politics should stay out of our pulpits

We’re going to face God one of these days

Membership: 300 Pastor: David Hazel Age: 47 Born: Los Angeles Formation: Point Loma Nazarene University, Point Loma; Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City Years Ordained: 22 San Diego Reader: What’s your favorite subject on which to ...

Immigration policy, Vegas-style

Issa gets a free junket

Immediately after Republican House member Darrell Issa announced on January 10 he was finally hanging up his congressional spurs, he and top aide Robert M. Rische III took off for one more glitzy free junket ...

David Byrne and others coming to San Diego

Time to Stop Making Sense

A lot of people will tell you that Stop Making Sense, featuring the Talking Heads, is the greatest concert film ever made. But that would seem to presuppose that one is already a fan of ...

“Jungle Love”? Racist? Aw, man...

Greg Douglass defends the Steve Miller song he defined with his riff

“Jim Cooper appears to be a nasty sexist pig who, if what his accusers are saying about him is true, should be driven out of office on the next livestock car,” says onetime Steve Miller ...

New SDSU president withheld email from investigators

UC Davis pay boost linked to Katehi family ties

Newly designated San Diego State University president Adela de la Torre, a key focus of the 2016 investigation into improper influence at the University of California Davis, denied investigators access to her email accounts, according ...

The vice of Sneakerheads

And the virtue of Goodwill

Dear Hipster: What is the deal with hipsters and expensive sneakers? — Sam Can’t fault the hipsters on this one, bruh. I’ll give you a pass, because the average 21st-century hypebeast, for whom exorbitantly priced ...

Up close to vernal pools

Water's End Rail Trail in Carlsbad

The Coastal Rail Trail is projected to become a continuous path following the Coaster commuter train line from Oceanside to San Diego. As of 2017, only discontinuous segments exist. The Water’s End Trail in Carlsbad ...

A nod to maniacal cartoons

Terror that flaps in the night

Darkwing Duck gave viewers mild-mannered father Drake Mallard, who transforms into the superhero Darkwing Duck, the terror that flaps in the night. Infused with a Silver Age–era comics’ sensibility as well as a nod to ...

Homeless Sexual record-shop owner keeps the faith

“Cassettes have come back really big but I didn’t see it coming."

When Jeff Clark was hit by a train in Little Italy last June, the 20 employees at his Thrift Trader stores in PB and North Park immediately lost their jobs. The used records and retro ...

Damage won’t bring justice

Human Rights Watch Film Festival starts Thursday at MOPA

The Blood Is at the Doorstep opens, as so many documentaries on the subject of police shootings do, with the sights and sounds of a city — in this case Milwaukee — under siege. It ...

I want a percentage of the company

Maybe not what UCSD intended for its students

Instagram and social media as we know it won’t last forever.

Proposed settlement will cost SDG&E, Edison $873 million

Might the San Onofre nukes dispute be wrapped up?

In a settlement made late yesterday (January 30), Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric, which jointly own almost 100 percent of the shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, agreed to not collect ...

Busy gig life started with a tinkle in Carlsbad

Piano man Robert Parker talks thick skin and hustle

Lots of San Diego musicians struggle to stay busy enough to pay the rent, and having a reliable day-job has become a reality for many of them. Pianist Robert Parker is an exception — he ...

The bigger the car, the bigger the middle finger

Corporate America can't stand kale America

Dear Hipster: Why did cars become enormous sometime during the past ten years? — Ann L. If you listen to the think pieces, the reasons are various: building larger cars lets manufacturers skip out on ...

Each chord as delicate as a prayer

Pianist Mike Wofford's astonishing background

Your basic acoustic piano is a bunch of wires strung at varying degrees of tension across an iron frame sandwiched inside of a wooden box for resonation. One controls said machine via 88 keys laid ...

Hamptons style in La Jolla

"Guests will be marveled"

You’ll find the newly constructed estate home at 921 Muirlands Drive in La Jolla “beautifully perched atop one of La Jolla’s preeminent view streets” and less than a mile from the coast. The 8612-square-foot “Hamptons ...

Sandag causes my property to flood

Not our fault, says association of local governments

Trolley-line travesty — adjacent property owners keep an eye on Sandag.

Things to do as we roll into February

Chinese New Year, Human Rights Watch Film Festival, Viennese Nights, and remarkable Jewish women

Thursday | 1 Human Rights Watch Film Festival The festival offers a program of six films that address a range of human-rights issues around the world. Filmmakers and Human Rights Watch experts will be present ...

Kris Michell tapped an array of big-money special interests

Gander goosed

More than a decade of campaign money-giving to San Diego city council members — including Republicans Lorie Zapf, Chris Cate, Mark Kersey, and Scott Sherman, along with Democrats Barbara Bry, Chris Ward, and Myrtle Cole ...

Films about unspeakable acts

Be careful what you pretend to be

Here are two films that put the viewer in the hot seat. The Intruder stars Star Trek’s William Shatner (before he took the captain’s seat) as a transplant coming to the South to rouse whites ...