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Don't call it an open mic. It's a jam

How the heavy cats do it

Jams at the Kraken, Mr. Peabody's, Cafe La Maze, Pal Joey's, Prohibition, Bourre, Panama 66, Proud Mary's, Border X, Navajo Live, and Downtown Cafe.

We’ve worked so hard to stand upright

Two poems by Charles Harper Webb

Pen Balanced on a Window Frame Who stood it upright on its rounded end: tiny obelisk, or rocket poised for space? Was it placed to overlook the library’s universe of books, the grass outside sprouting ...

Carla’s country, oozy Benedict at Clayton’s

A non-Hollandaise sauce on Christmas

"Benedict?” says Carla. “Actually, the name’s Ed.” “I know, you... But I have this insane desire for Benedict. Oh darling, please. For moi?” I know what she’s talking about. Eggs Benedict. She’s officially addicted. Especially ...

Top 18 movies of 2017

A list of favorites (as opposed to “bests”)

Looks back over the twisted landscape of 2017. Well, that was weird. Look, if lifelong cinephile Scott Marks can’t manage to put together a Top 10 List for this year, I don’t see why Matthew ...

A mojito with grassy flavor

Havana Club’s aged rum part of the secret

The Gaslamp’s newest Cuban eatery, Havana 1920, seeks to capture the heyday of America’s Playground and its pre-communist jazz-and-limelight nightlife. The restaurant’s beverage director Ryan Andrews says that its owners were inspired to open the ...

Footballers and bankers for San Diego State

Brian Sipe, SDSU alumnus, kicks in $10,000

Professional football legend Brian Sipe, who played for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League from 1974 to 1983 before two seasons in the upstart United States Football League, has kicked in $10,000 to ...

Atari Flashback 8 — what's not to love?

But retro Moog and Korg don't deserve quasi-mythic significance

Dear Hipster: What were the best and worst parts of 2017? What are we most looking forward to, from a hipster perspective, of course, in 2018? — Andrew Despite a rising trend in declaring every ...

The year in must-avoid movies

How awful must a film have been to have earned a spot in this year’s bottom ten?

Such a monumentally bad year for movies just passed. Will Hollywood studios finally take the hint and look beyond the comic-book rack to find source material? The good news is that for the first time ...

Annual jackpot will go to mayor Kevin Faulconer

Loose change

As is traditional, San Diego taxpayers will be anteing up mightily in the coming year for fees paid to city councilmembers who sit through the board meetings of a bevy of local government agencies. The ...

Read it and reap

Free library boxes in front yards around Altadena/Burlingame

2302 Montclair Street Litterachur: A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again, by David Foster Wallace God, etc.: The Shack, by William P. Young Crime: Smokin’ Seventeen, by Janet Evanovich. Sexytimes: none Kidz: Troubling a ...

Took AIDS patient for a cigarette

Hell sounds like a nasty word

Membership: 200 Pastor: Darrell M. Dunlap Age: 49 Born: Clifton, NJ Formation: Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ; Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Chicago; Azusa Pacific University, Azusa Years Ordained: 18 San Diego Reader: What’s your favorite ...

Petty gig at Casbah

Local supergroup and guests pull together tribute show

It was a dark month, October. When reports of Tom Petty’s sudden death got leaked by the press, the loss felt personal. In the minutes and days and weeks to follow, Swiss psychiatrist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s ...

Familiar muralists, but a lot unfamiliar

The uncanny in Balboa Park

One pleasure of anthology exhibitions is discovering pictures by unfamiliar artists. The English-born artist Leonora Carrington was new to me when I saw a small picture by her in Modern Masters from Latin America, currently ...

Damon Lane County Park’s thick slice of riparian habitat

Beauty in spite of eucalyptus

Tucked discreetly into a Rancho San Diego neighborhood and unknown to many is a 29-acre county park that offers a shady retreat in the form of eucalyptus groves towering above a year-round creek. Several short ...

San Diego Hamilton worshipers get theirs

Worship it

Hamilton, the Musical is coming! Hamilton is almost here! Beginning January 9, and ending January 28, the most decorated Broadway show in eons will run at the San Diego Civic Theatre. Lin-Manuel Miranda, genius, based ...

Lion on bass

"Classical music is the best ever — but it’s too structured for me."

John Murray is an up-and-coming bassist who attends the Young Lions Jazz Conservatory at Liberty Station alongside studies at the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Paradise Hills. He is 13 years old. Bass ...

Deep, unusual Mexico in photos

Our Lady of Guadalupe, drug-war dead, the border from above, filthy rich girls

Modern Masters from Latin America reminds us, if we need to be reminded, that Modernism knew no borders. Point/Counterpoint, a compelling selection of 19 contemporary Mexican photographers currently at the Museum of Photographic Arts, has ...

Highest asking price for attached housing in San Diego County

A smart home on Del Mar’s sand

Listing materials for a pair of Del Mar condos at 1750 Ocean Front promise prospective buyers a “Once in a lifetime opportunity for this stunning architectural masterpiece” on the sand just north of Powerhouse Park. ...

San Diego pop-punk-rock-reggae-hip-hop encore

Breakups, career moves, venue booms and busts of 2017

While no locals dominated the national scene in 2017, Unwritten Law, Clint Westwood, Cattle Decapitation, Little Hurricane, Quel Bordel, and Earl Thomas continue to tour the world. And while the fall-off in record sales continues ...

Winter — the chance to grow a luxurious beard

Even San Diego allows for cool fashion

Dear Hipster: What is the best place to be a hipster during the wintertime? Is it a Colorado resort? The desert? Alaska? Florida? Whatever the place — why? — Dana, City Heights Hipsters love certain ...

A Culture Shock Nutcracker and Carnaval Fantastique are in town

Or start the year off with Hamilton. If you can get tickets.

Thursday | 4 SoundOn Festival of Modern Music: Voyages Now in its 11th year, the soundON Festival of Modern Music brings together an international roster of composers and performers in a four-day exploration of contemporary ...

Beat cancer, publish book. Check.

David Grant Urban uses serial murderer Cleophus Prince

David Grant Urban was a fit 50something who had just finished hiking Mount Whitney when he found a lump on his neck. “I went through cancer treatment with three other people, and they all died,” ...

San Onofre 2050: Tide’s in, nukes out

Nuclear waste in the sand now will create a toxic ocean later

Edison’s greedy-risky radioactive waste burial plan at coast.

Be first in line for Glaare, Stone Foxes, and Antibalas

Or how about Yacht Rock Revue and the Mammals?

One of the strangest things you can do with music, among the most feel-good notions ever concocted by humankind, is to make it depressing. Even the blues manages to celebrate rising above, or at least ...

Union-Tribune to fold its operation into the Los Angeles Times?

Out of the money

The Union-Tribune, which faced declining circulation and a shrinkage in its newsroom in 2017, continues to draw closer to its big northern sister, the Los Angeles Times and its satellites. Both papers, owned by Chicago-based ...

A reader comments on radioactive waste disposal from San Onofre

Another says the tax law is “reverse Robin Hood”

Step up Re: “Voice of Reason Be Damned,” News Ticker. Radioactive uranium and plutonium waste disposal from San Onofre is a serious issue. Don Bauder’s note about Orange County city council member Pam Patterson being ...