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Jim McInnes booted via Facebook from Jazz 88.3

Every Shade of Blue loses its DJ

"I have just found out that, after 12 years, I have 'retired' from Jazz 88.3."

Waving AR-15 is red flag to Californians

But red meat in Oceanside

Mauro Campos, 37, served four years in the Marines in the infantry company known as Suicide Charley. After working construction and in a local airplane engine shop, he now manages a gun store called Firearms ...

Tijuana’s most violent month in all its history

Zeta newspaper tells the details

“The violence and crime in Tijuana has exceeded its own records and has imbued terror in a society, in which authorities have been surpassed and lack any leadership.” That’s how an extensive report of the ...

Love can't exist without goofy jokes

Obviously, my child brain didn’t think in terms of production values

Though I’d never attended a live performance of Barefoot in the Park before this week, in a way, Neil Simon’s 1963 comedy provided my first-ever theatrical experience. I viewed it as a small child, sitting ...

Ace Frehley, Idomeneo, Ripcord, Burning Man at USD, Reefer Madness, the Musical

Events August 9-August 15, 2018

Thursday | 9 Ace Frehley Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley has spent around a decade living in San Diego, where he teamed up with local singer Rachael Gordon (they got a condo together near Balboa ...

Luelf Pond County Preserve

The cycle of fire and renewal can be seen here

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood of Ramona is a seldom-visited picturesque spot known as Luelf Pond. The pond and County Preserve were most likely named after Oscar Luelf, who was a member of the ...

Reader 2018 Feast issue

Writers and their favotrites

When dinner is a gift El Jardin, Cowboy Star, Coasterra, Born & Raised, Charles + Dinorah, Nine-Ten, Juniper & Ivy By Mary Beth Abate I burst with hometown pride George's, Himitsu, Kokoro, Starlite, Gelato Vero ...

The experience needs to deliver

Peohe's, Marine Room, La Bonne Table, Wine Vault & Bistro, Solare, Bo-beau, Vincent's

The market is saturated with food delivery services, which means it’s getting easier and easier to order in on those nights we don’t have the time or energy to go shopping and prepare dinner at ...

Don’t forget the giant chicken

Giardina, Pisco, Crack Shack, Ambrogio 15, La Valencia, Verendina, Primavera

This slightly upscale but still casual Italian restaurant is a hidden gem for East County foodies. Open and airy with a decor that is shabbily chic like an Italian farmhouse, there are plenty of dishes ...

A bear who cooks cows

Cow by Bear, Herb & Wood, Dija Mara, Little Lion, Riviera Supper Club, Addison, Extraordinary Desserts

There are many places I might enjoy a nice night out, and only one of them provides its most crucial component: good company. Which could be anybody. Probably the nicest night out I’ve had this ...

Gather a dozen of your best friends

Yellow Deli, Not-Not Tacos, Grandma's Tofu, Garden Kitchen, Villa Manila, Piazza 1909, Mariscos El Titanic

The first element for a nice evening out is not to rush it. Which makes this place perfect: Yellow Deli never closes, except from Friday 3 pm through Sunday 3 pm, sabbath for Twelve Tribes, ...

I burst with hometown pride

George's, Himitsu, Kokoro, Starlite, Gelato Vero

Time was I would eat out plumb near every night, always chasing the hottest trends. Thousands of meals later, my perspective has shifted, and I now prefer to patronize a few, favored spots when I ...

When dinner is a gift

El Jardin, Cowboy Star, Coasterra, Born & Raised, Charles + Dinorah, Nine-Ten, Juniper & Ivy

It was an easy decision, the day my husband John and I resolved that, instead of giving each other more stuff on special occasions, we’d prefer to spend the money and time enjoying a meal ...

The two coasts: drifting apart?

How do we define “evolution”?

Are San Diegans becoming as different from New Yorkers as bonobos have become, say, from chimps? Biologist Nathan Lents was in town the other day, talking at the Central Library and on KPBS about how ...

How to avoid hipsters

“Man, I remember when it wasn’t so played out”

Dear Hipster: I’ve noticed the way this column often provides helpful (dare I say “invaluable”?) advice on how to distinguish various varieties of hipster from each other, on where to find hipsters, and on why ...

Jaws of life (Release the Kracken!)

Their eyes pop out and their stomachs explode through their mouths

“Conserving our planet one fish at a time.” You do a double-take when you see the sign. Because Randy Hupp’s a commercial fisherman. But he is serious about this. What he’s started, from his home ...

Power Surge San Diego's impressive girls

They don't play daddy ball

On an empty lot at Maine Avenue near the rodeo grounds in Lakeside, I find Power Surge Chavez, a fastpitch softball team of ten-year-old girls that practice twice a week, attend conditioning on another two ...

Susan Davis itchy feet

Lobbyist dream jobs and SDSU nightmares

Summer with Susan Davis Democratic House member Susan Davis, accustomed to partaking of free travel to exotic world locations courtesy of the Aspen Institute, stuck closer to home for her most recent all-expense-paid junket, two ...

Why airport noise complainers have no case

Letters from our readers

Free to move about in noise While I sympathize with residents who have been frustrated dealing with the FAA on this issue, (“Airport Noise - from La Mesa to La Jolla,” Cover Stories, August 1) ...

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