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I want to tell my friend I’ll miss her

A poem by Alexis Rhone Fancher

Dying Young Midnight, and again I’m chasing sleep: its fresh-linen smell and deep sinking, but when I close my eyes I see my son, closing his eyes. I’m afraid of that dream, the tape looped ...

Record Roundup, month 12

Switch it to 33 rpms and fire up the cassette deck

The new EP from Miramar-based pop-punk rockers Hard to Hit, Better Than I’ve Been, drops on December 1 at Soma. “This is our first show since March, as we had a lineup change, losing both ...

How to go cheap at upmarket places

“We’re the only restaurant with a cheese cave”

Amazing how long since I’ve been up here in Mission Hills. I’m at the corner of Washington and Goldfinch. Pass a doorstep with a carving in it: “Welcome Back to the Gathering.” It has a ...

Spongebob Squarepants is still on TV

The early 2000s can seem at once distant and familiar

Dear Hipster: Here I sit, gazing forlornly at my navel and contemplating the nature of time. What is time? While I can look at the clock and see the second hand tick-tick-tick the day away, ...

Queen Bee's northern migration

Arts center planned for Oceanside

Alma Rodriguez is meeting with city officials to launch a Queen Bee’s in Oceanside. Since 2009, the Puerto Rican–born impresario has hosted bands, poetry slams, and swing, salsa, and samba dance lessons at the 250-capacity ...

New shows in San Diego

Ziggy Shuffledust & the Spiders from Mars, Reverend Horton Heat, Kristin Chenoweth, and more

Over the past few years, a lot of great local players have shuffled through the David Bowie tribute Ziggy Shuffledust & the Spiders from Mars, including members of Creedle, but the central figure with the ...

Controlling Dick Cheney

Another attorney joins the S.D. ethics commission

San Diego’s ethics commission has picked up yet another attorney, bringing the count of lawyers on the somewhat somnolent political watchdog’s board to five, versus just two lay members. Joe Leventhal, the latest appointee, named ...

Gaze at oaks from your business park

There are scrub oaks and there are scrub oaks

The trailhead is south of the parking area, on the east side of El Fuerte. To reach it, walk about 0.1 mile up the sidewalk to the sign pointing to the trail going east. The ...

Andrew McKeag Band: Just call it "dad rock"

“There was a time when loud music was acceptable.”

“I don’t like to be told to turn my amp down.” This is Andrew McKeag on the phone. “People don’t understand how much fun it is to hear a loud rock band.” Some of you ...

Don't hate Meth Breath because they're straightedge

"We are not militant or in your face.”

Meth Breath lead singer Jimmy Rodgers was hoping that by giving his band a tongue-in-cheek name it might help defuse the uptight attitude some have about straightedge bands. Straightedge punks don’t drink, smoke, or do ...

Bridge almost crossed

Will the boy kill dad's demon?

It’s early, the marine layer still a veneer over the city, when we park the car just shy of the suspension bridge. The day promises to be hot but, at this hour, the sun hasn’t ...

The most dazzling show ever staged at the La Jolla Playhouse

Summer — disco in a jiff

"Toot, ahhhhh, beep-beep... Toot-toot, ahhhhh, beep-beep.” People of a certain age will recognize Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” from its first few notes. These may also conjure visions of glitter balls and strobe effects — timed ...

Music venue bloom

Breweries, Moose Lodge, and don't forget about Quartyard 2.0

Oceanside, San Diego County’s third largest city, has seen a boom in the opening of music venues. Three breweries — Midnight Jack, Black Plague, and Legacy — now host bands on a regular basis. Co-founder ...

Twelve Bellini holy pictures at the Getty

A precious event so close to San Diego

Pictures sometimes become devotional objects or pilgrimage destinations. Their contents have the feeling of secular-sacred spaces. The room called the Living Hall in New York’s Frick Collection houses several robust portraits, Titian’s force-of-nature Pietro Aretino ...

Elvis jazz

Lorraine Castellanos to bring early rock sound to the Casbah

“It’s something that’s been brewing for years,” says vocalist Lorraine Castellanos, referring to her December 17 Elvis Presley tribute at the Casbah. “But I just couldn’t find the right location. I tried doing something a ...

Bill Murray, Jewel, and those December Nights

Lots to do in December

Friday | 1 Bill Murray, Jan Vogler, and Friends: New Worlds It’s a safe bet that SNL original-cast-member-turned-movie-star Bill Murray has never bored anyone with a conversation, let alone a performance. His appearance at the ...

Tough to sell craft beer in Carlsbad

Failed brewery’s owner blames city, Brewery Igniter

With a September 30, 2017, Facebook post, Carlsbad’s Wiseguy Brewing Co. announced its “Last waltz,” with a photo making it clear that the Saturday would be its last in business. Brewery closures in San Diego ...

Free dinner with Amazon

Issa staffer gets an all-expenses paid trip to get the industry’s point of view

With online giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter drawing increased scrutiny from congressional members of both parties regarding the spread of fake news and alleged political bias, a top staffer to Republican House member Darrell Issa ...

Theodore Frelinghuysen — Bible salesman

"Let it find its way into every cottage"

The Bible has done it sir! Seal up this one Volume and in a half century all these hopes would wither and these prospects perish forever. These sacred temples would crumble or become the receptacles ...

Chicano Park is not welcoming

A reader thinks the murals are hostile and divisive

Hostile and divisive Re: “Five white men walk into Chicano Park,” Neighborhood News. I am a mixed-race single mother who was going to bring my 11-year-old daughter to Roger’s picnic/walking tour of the murals. I’ve ...

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