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San Diego has more than 1,100 life sciences companies

Nobody kicks sand on Biotech Beach

“I have to kill all of my cells.” In the weeks leading up to Christmas break, Dr. Christie Eissler talks about shutting down her experiments at the Zhou Lab in the Ludwig Institute for Cancer ...

Charles Grandison Finney sought to promote social reforms through his faith

Excerpt from Lecture XV of Revival Lectures

The Church must take right ground in regard to politics. Do not suppose that I am going to preach a political sermon, or that I wish to have you join in getting up a Christian ...

Rasta redemption

Local radio rediscovers reggae

The positive vibrations championed by Bob Marley are not exactly what’s driving the increase in reggae airtime on local airwaves. A few weeks ago, 91X brought back Brunch with Bob and Friends. The 10 a.m.-to-noon ...

Droning on

San Diegans for Safe Drones has something to say

San Diego, already famous for the killer Predator drones made by General Atomics at its Poway plant, is becoming the center of a struggle between a group calling itself San Diegans for Safe Drones and ...

Carnitas’ Snack Shack's Hot & Buttered has a latte feel

The right balance between coagulating decadence and comprehensive excellence

While winter has been more wet than cold around San Diego these days, Carnitas’ Snack Shack’s Hot and Buttered — a new take on hot buttered rum punch — serves as an effective stay against ...

Open Oscillator host Jeff Trageser talks sonic 'tronics


“We weren’t connected to the electronic scene in San Diego when we started in January 2015, but we really dug the vibe of the ‘singer/songwriter’ events like Grampadrew’s Flim-Flam Revue,” says Jeffrey Trageser, host of ...

The snootiest coffee and the hoppiest beer are equals

Embrace the hipness

Dear Hipster, Is there an aspect of hipster culture — be it as simple as footwear or as complex as existential philosophy — that you reject? — B. Butterbur Negative. I am all that is ...

Land of Mine is terse, tense, and terrific

Moving mine movie

Writer-director Martin Zandlivet’s terse, tense, and terrific post-WWII film Land of Mine establishes two of its three strengths immediately. First, star Roland Møller as Danish sergeant Carl Rasmussen, his eyes radiating barely controlled emotion from ...

Torrey Pines gliderport, take two

A specialty in the hang-gliding business is a must

After a false start last summer, the city has launched another attempt to find an operator for its sometimes controversial 6.74-acre Torrey Pines Gliderport on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean adjacent to UCSD. Arrests ...

Sip pulque, wait for wings to sprout from back

They say it’s the drink of the gods.

Long before Tecate roja and caguamas of Indio dominated Mexican bartops, Aztec priests, warriors, and sacrificial victims sipped a milky agave wine called pulque. Fabled among its acolytes as a wellspring of fertility and divine ...

Death explodes the day so delicately

Three poems by Marjorie Maddox

A House Divided The toppling wakes me from sleep, that sweet retreat to denial, the state that makes it easier to dismiss destruction. Open eyes collect dust, allow the beams in near the iris, adjust ...

Hold Steady hangover

Alt-rock's urban poet Craig Finn on rolling solo

Craig Finn of the Hold Steady is playing a string of dates opening for Vancouver’s Japandroids. For these shows, he has recruited a trio going by the name of the Uptown Controllers. During a stop ...

Don’t damage the vernal pools in Carmel Mountain Preserve

This loop hike passes through chaparral and coastal sage scrub and has vernal pools in early spring

Carmel Mountain Preserve encompasses about 300 acres overlooking Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve with views of the ocean and, in wet springs, the trail passes within close proximity to several small vernal pools. This is ...

Justin Werner running wild

San Diego singer/songwriter lands a tune in the new Sharon Stone film

“I landed my song ‘Without a Bang’ in the new Sharon Stone film Running Wild, just recently released in theaters,” says singer-songwriter Justin Werner. The placement came about from knowing the film’s sound designer. “I ...

Week of film classics returns to the Ken March 10

See McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Reservoir Dogs, Princess Mononoke, and more

For those whose knowledge of Warren Beatty doesn’t extend much beyond last week’s unparalleled round of egg on Oscar’s face, it’s time to put in an appearance at Landmark’s Ken Cinema for their latest installment ...

Celebrate Irish heritage, even though you’re not Irish

Corned-beef taco time and green beer everywhere

“I like this new trend of Saint Patrick’s week instead of just one day,” says Patrick as he prepares to haul the Kelly clan to the 37th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Irish Festival ...

Spring has sprung! Butterflies, cherry blossoms, and kids at the river

Top event picks this week

Friday | 10 Cherry Blossom Festival This year marks the Japanese Friendship Garden’s 12th annual Cherry Blossom Festival, a celebration in hanami, the Japanese tradition of welcoming spring and appreciating the temporal beauty of nature. ...

Daylight Saving Time: Deal with it

Indispensible to some, vexatious to many, and more or less inextricable

Here’s a question I’ve been asking my entire life, and I’ve never gotten an answer that sounded logical: why do we have Daylight Saving Time? Probably the only response I’ve ever gotten that sounded right ...

Sweet, cushiony cakes in National City

“The aunt of the first owner. It’s her secret recipe we use for our pancakes, still.”

"Attack of the Killer Pancake. Now Showing.” It’s this movie-house marquee in a painting that hangs above the welcome desk. I’m in this very ’60s coffee house. All stone, glass, and wood. Just got in ...

Barrio Carlsbad endures

“People stay here if they can, because it’s a walkable neighborhood with little crime.”

From the beach, walk inland up Carlsbad Village Drive. Pass the beach bungalows that rent for $4000 a month and beach mansions listed for sale at $7 million. Check out the pricey condominiums with floor-to-ceiling ...

Could Major League Soccer kick the city where it counts?

Hard to get more than 10,000 San Diegans per game

Fútbol? Football? Everybody chatters about the so-called plan for a soccer/football stadium and surrounding development in Mission Valley. Will taxpayers get fleeced? Why does San Diego State seem so queasy? Should we preserve Qualcomm Stadium ...

Big Thief's first Masterpiece

Brooklyn-based indie rockers set up at Soda Bar Friday night

Messy, free-ranging, raw-boned music that sometimes comes with an explicit-language warning. Big Thief makes music that hangs together on a thread of workman-like monotony, using chords in progressions that were hoary and predictable way back ...

Anonymous and Alpha

San Diego Rep stages Sex with Strangers

When he learns the cabin has no wi-fi, he shouts, “I can’t get online. People will think I’m dead!”

U-T gushes over Faulconer event

Influence-seekers gather for a “Neighborhood Experience”

When is a city-hall-lobbying special interest referred to as a “brand”? When the Union-Tribune covers it, per the paper’s write-up last week of San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer’s One San Diego and its annual “Neighborhood ...

Davina & the Vagabonds, Meat Puppets, Anna Meredith

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 12From Scranton, scruffy punk-rock four-piece the Menzingers will headline sets by Rozwell Kid and Jeff Rosenstock at the Irenic in North Park. The Menzingers are touring in support of this year’s Epitaph set, After ...

Social D, Big Thief, Japandroids

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 9In mid-’70s D.C., around the same time “Tricky Dick” was making tapes, so was hard-rock guitarist Punky Meadows with his glam-metal band Angel (“The Tower,” anyone?), which would be discovered by Gene Simmons and ...

Commentary — or the lack thereof

Readers demand more info

An Overhead Shot Would Have Helped Re: City Lights: “City’s Shocking Crosswalk Cover-up” Judging by the top photo, I can see why the city engineer thought the crossing was safe: good signage, clear signals, etc. ...


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