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Red-hot Jose

Catching up with OB-oke's Jose Sinatra

To hear it from Bill Richardson — aka crooner Jose Sinatra — his destiny was decided by a chance highway encounter. “The Beatles passed my family in a limo as we were returning to San ...

Tony Young lobbies on

As of November 23, add Airbnb to the list

Ex-Democratic city councilman Tony Young continues to grow his lucrative city hall lobbying business. Already flush with a bevy of well-heeled clients, including SDG&E, shopping-mall developer Westfield Corporation, and San Francisco’s Zirx, a start-up specializing ...

Queen Bee TV

Alma Rodriguez of Queen Bee's cultural center going live from the Bee Hive

When the Reader ran a story on October 22 about a death at a Burning Man event on Palomar Mountain, many readers reacted negatively over news accounts of deaths at EDM events. Alma Rodriguez was ...

Man’s brekky here

Late breakfast and happy hour at Caffe Primo

Good to have nice, big eggs with floods of bright yellow yolk.

There would be no Nervous Wreckords without the Killers


It’s been a busy three months for Brian Karscig and his brainchild, the Nervous Wreckords. In that short time span, his band performed at the KAABOO festival, he joined friends the Killers at their North ...

Church of God's mission: Win. Build. Send.

“The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.”

Something pure and holy about downtown’s streets.

White Buffalo roams in the shadowy parts of life

Jake Smith tours town in support of his latest, Love and the Death of Damnation

The White Buffalo and Jake Smith are one. It’s not an alter ego so much as a nickname that stuck. When he calls the Reader from his home in Los Angeles, I ask him about ...

Hike or four-wheel-drive on the desert’s edge

Expect showy displays of wildflowers on Jasper Trail

Hike the transition from high to low desert on this historic cattleman’s trail.

More golf courses are closing than opening

About 400,000 players left the sport last year

Last April I wrote a column about taking up the game of golf. My previous golfing experience occurred many frog lives ago, having to do with a road trip, two women, two guys, the usual ...

The sewn-plank canoe was their greatest asset

Learn Native American fishing techniques at the Ya’i Heki’

Among the endemic peoples in Southern California were the Mohavae, Yuma, Kamia, Diegueño, Miwok, and Chumash. These early settlers of the region had access to wild vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Wildlife was abundant, and they ...

The holy grail of Christmas presents

Model railroading is the world's greatest hobby

The Internal Revenue Service is on fire! Red-and-blue emergency flashers scat about the structure, but this is a fire that will never, ever be put out. “As you can see,” Nick Pecoraro offers, “the firemen ...

Hitchcock/Truffaut is pure cinema

You won’t have a merrier time at the movies this holiday season

Once upon a time, a guy named Tony L. headed up the film department at Chicago’s Columbia College, an institution of higher learning where I would spend 11 years of my life teaching. I thought ...

A matter of manscaping

Hipsters embrace the vision of the ursine lumbersexual

Confident in their hairiness and hairlessness.

Upper lot full at Sunset Cliffs

Park’s master plan calls for park access

On November 19th, Second District councilwoman Lorie Zapf presented a city-council proclamation celebrating the 100th anniversary of Sunset Cliffs. On this anniversary, many San Diegans and visitors are not able to access Sunset Cliffs Natural ...

Police kill Angel Lopez next to San Diego State

Baggy shorts, tats, he ran, unarmed, now dead.

“The inequity here is that a civilian goes to jail and is presumed guilty, whereas an officer is given a leave with pay.”

Chargers’ coach nearly lynched

Do rowdy fans pose a danger in the final days?

With the departure of the Chargers for Los Angeles looking likelier than ever, according to many accounts, do rowdy fans pose a real danger to what could be the team’s last days in Mission Valley? ...

Sex and psychedelia at the intersection of sight and sound

Listening station invites you to interpret a Miles Davis tune with paper and pens

San Diego Museum of Art’s Art of Music exhibit welcomes visitors with a giant ceramic auricle and protruding ear trumpet that, upon detecting the voices of passersby, proceeds to emit Beethoven’s “Grosse Fuge.” It’s a ...

Sequester yourself in the Secret Ranch

This one is worth the $23 million asking price

Current Owner: El Secreto LLC (William & Kathryn Scripps) Bedrooms: 8 Baths: 13 Price: $23,000,000 Welcome to “The Secret Ranch,” a 12-acre estate with more than 12,400 square feet of living space under roof located ...

"Bodiless" and "Permanent Address: 1956"

Two poems by Jill Peláez Baumgaertner

Bodiless You leave your signature like the atom whose footprint is its only proof, the pencil’s sharp point indenting the paper next to my poems’ lines. With what voice you have uncovered my concealed intentions, ...

Musicians making movies

We got robot...

What do Stewardess bassist Grant Reinero, Vinyl Junkies record-swap founder Eric Howarth, No Knife’s Brian Desjean and Mitch Wilson, Rebecca and Demetrius Antuna from art-metal band Kata, and Ghetto Blaster guitarist John Cota have in ...

Qualcomm stadium is still in diapers

Pro teams want a new venue every 25 or 30 years

Blame the Astrodome for the Chargers’ supposed stadium crisis.

Fish oddity sold harborside

Monchong available at Tuna Harbor Dockside market

The Tuna Harbor Dockside Market has the freedom to test new markets for fish that most high-volume wholesalers are unwilling to consider. For example, this monchong (aka pomfret), which was line-caught off San Diego’s deep ...

All she wanted for Christmas was a hippopotamus — and she got one!

Gayla, Matilda, and Norm

Gayla Peevey can’t avoid hippos, even if she wanted to. “People assume I collect them, so they give them to me,” she tells me from her home near Mt. Helix. “I have figurines and a ...

Better than all the ads containing boobs/butts

Readers speak their minds

Puzzled Fourteen people were just slaughtered in San Bernardino, and Barbarella writes a fucking column about a puzzle room (Diary of a Diva: “A Room with a Clue,” December 3). Are you kidding me? Michael ...