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99% of what we catch we throw back

Accept the craziness of the lobster fisherman

Never name your boat after your wife.

If It was never veiled, all would be spellbound

From “Akhbar al-Hallaj”

Then Hallaj stopped by the gate that leads into the Attab Mosque, and began to speak — words some part of which we understood, but part was obscure. Surely, he said in the clearer part, ...

Hopeless Jack & the Handsome Devil sounds down home

To criticize the progressive whitening of the blues, a trend that may have gotten jump-started during the electrified 1970s, would be pointless. African-American origins notwithstanding, blues audiences have shifted away from those roots, as have ...

Jazz camp dream team

“It’s a small camp by design,” says Dan Atkinson, founder of the UCSD Jazz Camp, an annual workshop open to students aged 14 and up. “We can take a maximum of about 55 students ­— ...

San Diego storm drains on notice

State aims to eliminate trash that flows to the ocean

Water-quality advocates are applauding a statewide policy announced Tuesday (April 7) that aims to entirely eliminate trash from the state's water systems and coast over the next ten years. Municipalities have two routes to select ...

Lemon Grove Prescotts

Lemon Grove Punks hustle for venues. Tattoo salons, rec centers, taco shops, ice cream parlors. “We played at a local donut shop. It was an awesome show but it started to get wild,” says PSO ...

Deadly white whale infection

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has concluded that SeaWorld Florida did not violate the federal Animal Welfare Act in the February 20 death of Nanuq, a beluga whale loaned by the Vancouver Aquarium to SeaWorld ...

Belle and Sebastian's latest LP may sound like a disco album but it's not

“When we talk about ‘disco’ we have different ideas. I think of Arthur Russell and underground dance music.”

But will there be enough water for One Paseo?

Development opponents point out "historic drought of Biblical proportions."

Three community groups today (April 8) filed a writ of mandate in Superior Court to overturn the city council's March approval of the massive One Paseo development project and the council's certification of the environmental ...

Sausage party at the Quartyard

Sustainable pigs!

Shipping containers, Porka-cola, 'roo sausage, and downtown denizens brought to the 'yard.


Set in Italy, the romance-horror flick Spring was scored by Jimmy LaValle (the Album Leaf), and half a dozen tracks he chose were from San Diego’s melancholic indie-folkies Manuok. Scott Mercado, the creative force behind ...

Always another reason to scorn

Dear Hipster: What is the significance to popular music, and pop culture in general, if One Direction breaks up following the departure of Zayn Malik from the band? If Justin Bieber has truly slid into ...

How did this support life?

Thousands of years of human habitation on display at Indian Hill

Visiting Indian Hill gives us a renewed appreciation for this desert area. Humans have used the area for perhaps several thousand years. The last Indian cultural group to occupy this area was the Kumeyaay. It ...

Lawman and profiteer

San Diego sheriff Bill Gore mistakenly ferreted away more than $5 million of profits from commissaries at local jails, according to a recent audit by the county’s office of auditor and controller. “The Commissary allows ...

Turner set free

Nature as roughhouse theater

JMW Turner: Painting Set Free at the Getty through May 24.

Keep moving, IRS (nothing to see here)

Citizen Hip pays taxes

Dear Hipster: April 15th is right around the corner. I wonder, do hipsters pay their taxes like good citizens? — Call Me “Your Cousin in Government, Irving Radcliff Stevens” The funny thing is, I actually ...

It's not about the rug

I was brushing my teeth and weeping. “Great, now you’re crying,” David said sharply. And that was when it happened. The lava-like angst that had been roiling within me all day finally erupted.

PASS the fire extinguisher

Mobile fire-safety service to the rescue

“We teach people the PASS method, which stands for pull the pin, aim, squeeze, and sweep.”

Vinyl Faults

“I was hoping by now to be able to describe more of the details,” Joshua Zimmerman tells the Reader, “but I have to keep it a little vague.” His band, the Silent Comedy, recently recorded ...

What happened to Sweetwater Marsh?

From 1916 through 1920, Hercules Powder Company operated a kelp processing plant built on the Sweetwater Marsh to extract materials used in the production of explosives used in World War I. A cotton seed operation ...

SDG&E’s got a gas problem

Will San Diego Gas & Electric bulldog through their Carlsbad plan?

Efforts by San Diego Gas & Electric to push through a new gas-fired power plant in Carlsbad fly in the face of instructions from the California Public Utilities Commission, Sierra Club lawyers contend. “Under the ...

"This is the second time I've had to call you people."

Return of the Preventative Police

Dangerous Situation I have a concern about your April 2 cover photo. You might notify your grinning, overfed cover dude, along with the staging photographers, that bicycle-riding on a walkway is unlawful. Two-hundred pounds of ...

Cultural hiccups amid marital bliss

It is first important to understand that my husband and I are not only from different cultures; we also had very different childhoods. I’m Australian and grew up in a small middle-class town in Queensland, ...

Approaching lunacy

It’s going to take some hefty cash for San Diego State University to finally find its way, judging by a new campus navigation project described at a recent board meeting of the school’s nonprofit Campanile ...

Counting fish

April 7 dock totals 16 anglers aboard the Chubasco II 1/2 day am run caught 1 yellowtail, 2 rockfish and 51 calico bass, with 85 calico bass Released. The Dolphin 1/2 day am run with ...

Tying the Knot

We tried the single sheet bend, The double sheet bend, The double eye knot, The sliding overhead knot, The round-turn fishhook tie, The figure eight knot, The half-blood knot, The jansik special, The homer rhode ...

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