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  • We tried the single sheet bend,
  • The double sheet bend,
  • The double eye knot,
  • The sliding overhead knot,
  • The round-turn fishhook tie,
  • The figure eight knot,
  • The half-blood knot,
  • The jansik special,
  • The homer rhode loop,
  • The improved clinch or pandre knot,
  • The jam knot with an extra tuck,
  • The clinch-on shank,
  • The nail loop,
  • The loop knot,
  • The double loop clinch knot,
  • The salmon hook knot,
  • The overhead dropper tie,
  • The perfection loop knot,
  • The extension blood knot,
  • The emergency dropper knot,
  • The improved dropper loop.
  • We tied them, tried them all
  • and then cut each other loose.  

Rebecca Chamaa’s poem is an intriguing model of the “list poem,” and a clever poem about failed love. Chamaa, a former social worker, has a collection of poetry and prose that will be published in the next few months. She is editing with her husband Jean-Claude a collection of poetry titled Sundays at Liberty Station and is working on a memoir. Her essays and poetry have been published in Transition, Structo, Pearl, Voice Walks, City Works, A Year in Ink, and other journals. She lives in San Diego.

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