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Noah Homes, an upside to Down syndrome

We should all live so well

The residents deserve to live as well as anyone else, not better.

The Falconer: Part 2

How to catch a baby dragon.

In the United States, our falconry, we’re not pet keepers, it’s a hunting sport... Kate Marden, master falconer. Marden, 55, owns West Coast Falconry in Marysville, California. Onsite are a Barn Owl, Eurasian Eagle Owl, ...

Teenage: A four-decade panacea of pop culture

Eruption of youth

Prior to 1904 and the National Child Labor Committee that was formed in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, there was no such thing as a period of adolescence. One was either a kid or ...

Evil submarines

Thousand-year-old eggs don’t exactly say “Eat me”

Determined to tackle something more adventurous, I find my answer in Vietnamese porridge.

Hot leather

“These songs are more of a coming-of-age progression with the band,” says Nathan Joyner of Hot Nerds’ upcoming three-song EP, Self Titled. “They bridge the gap between the last split 12-inch we put out...and the ...

DVD picks from a theater director

Although not my favorite Coen brothers’ film, Blood Simple is their directorial debut and shows what makes them the top filmmakers in America today. Director’s cut DVD is a must. Three minutes shorter than the ...

Oak Hills Covenant Church

Hell is a choice.

Contact: 1920 Shadowridge Drive, Vista. 760-598-3852; Denomination: Evangelical Covenant Church Membership: 100 Pastor: Marilyn Williams Age: 48 Born: Chula Vista Formation: Vanguard University of Southern California, Costa Mesa; Bethel West Seminary, San Diego Years ...

The three basics of proper piercing

“Each piercing needs to be its own special moment in your life.”

Are your piercings medical-implant grade?

Black Canyon’s riparian habitat of waterfalls and pools

Cascading waterfalls, pools, and an historic three-hinge bridge built in 1913 make this an interesting canyon to explore.

Opera board not provided with information requested

$10 million need not be raised by April 29

"We have improperly been denied information," says a key board member of San Diego Opera. On March 28, eight board members of the opera sent a letter to opera director Ian Campbell and Chairwoman Karen ...

Smoldering fire in Shelltown exposes a smoldering problem

Fed up neighbors watch in frustration

At around 4 in the afternoon on Monday, March 31, fire trucks and vehicles were heading down National Avenue passing 32nd Street, then some of the trucks and vehicles came back and were heading down ...

Potted plans

A noted pioneer of San Diego’s cannabis industry has turned up on an application for a medical pot license in Massachusetts by an outfit called Bay State Holistic. “Executive Director Corey Barnette brings 12 years ...

North Park Theatre a game-changer?

The remodeled 85-year-old North Park Theatre is positioning itself as a viable concert venue. Co-owner David Cohen tells the Reader that they’ve installed a new sound system, a removable seat configuration that will allow the ...

Letters — now with audio!

Believers and Unbelievers I am an atheist who supports the right to believe in God, the Devil, or anything else, as long as it does not intrude on me. Having read Siobhan Braun’s story on ...

In the San Diego music clubs Sunday–Wednesday, April 6–9

Sunday 6Casbah stages War on Drugs Sunday night. Critics are swooning over this year’s Lost in the Dream CD, for its “rust-belt-rock-like-the-Boss!”–ness. Except Adam Granduciel, he’s the main War on Drugser, has less of a ...

Anti-police, anti-prison

Donovan building for sick and disabled called a waste.

A protest against the proposed expansion of Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility brought over 60 people carrying signs and chanting slogans to a remote corner of Otay Mesa on March 29th. The new building is ...

In the San Diego music clubs Thursday–Saturday, April 3–5

Thursday 3The Two-Headed Cheetah Tour comes through town tonight, as U.S. punk progenitor Cheetah Chrome (Rocket From the Tombs/Dead Boys) and L.A. punk revivalists the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs take the stage at Soda Bar. Chrome is ...

The many trials of Madame Tingley, part one

What Theosophists found in San Diego.

On January 8, 1903, just before his final remarks as attorney for the defense, Samuel Shortridge paused. He seemed to stare through the floor, as he struggled to find the crucial words. Then he rose ...

Five elements of fun

Despite the never-ending sunshine, San Diego is rarely thought of as a “green” city. While it ranks 14th in a 2012 study by Corporate Knights (a publication that promotes “clean capitalism”), the city failed to ...

UCSD’s god of debauchery

In the crosstown rivalry between UCSD and San Diego State University, one thing has always been seen as certain: SDSU is the town’s premier hard drinking party school, as attested to over many years by ...

City sued over murals

Art is in the eye of the permit holder.

In December 2013, Pam Anderson, founder and owner of the now-defunct ArchitectureArt, a company that specialized in large hand-painted murals, filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego for violating her right to free ...

Chase that bunny

“This has been in the making since last August, but we couldn’t say anything until all of the higher-ups approved,” says singer/bassist Danny Tatulli of Danny & the Tramp, whose song “Chase That Bunny” was ...

Quick, sell your bike before you get stabbed

Google “bike” and “stab” and “San Diego”.

A web monkey's DVD picks

The 1982 sword-and-sorcery fantasy Beastmaster was a staple on cable. So much so HBO was jokingly referred to as “Hey, Beastmaster’s on!” Sadly, you can’t just turn on your TV anymore and see Marc Singer ...

A Psalm of Life

What the heart of the young man said to the psalmist Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! — For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not ...

DVD picks from a Derby girl

In Manhattan, Woody Allen’s middle-aged Isaac quits his TV writing gig to write the Great American Novel. Graced with a preternaturally perceptive 17-year-old girlfriend, Isaac trades quips with his amusingly pretentious writer friends and engages ...

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