Hot Nerds songs survive thanks to local Three One G label.
  • Hot Nerds songs survive thanks to local Three One G label.
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“These songs are more of a coming-of-age progression with the band,” says Nathan Joyner of Hot Nerds’ upcoming three-song EP, Self Titled. “They bridge the gap between the last split 12-inch we put out...and the songs that we’ve been writing for our debut full-length.”

“We recorded the songs ourselves. It was for a split seven-inch with Plasticizer...put off due to financial troubles with the label. So, we moved on and forgot about the songs altogether. We started writing new material.”

The EP features Joyner’s once-and-future All Leather bandmate Justin Pearson singing on the track “Tsk-Tsking.” “Justin had been coming over to the house to work on a new All Leather record. I played him the Hot Nerds songs that were supposed to be on the seven-inch and jokingly asked if he would be interested in singing on one of the songs...the next time he came over, we tracked what is now the finished version. Which led us to asking him if Three One G would be interested in putting out our LP.”

After the label said yes, “He was curious about what would happen with the songs we recorded for the seven-inch, including the one he sang on. We told him we were moving on and focusing on writing new material for the full-length. He mentioned putting the songs out digitally on Three One G as an introduction to Hot Nerds on the label.”

Planned for release on May 13, Joyner says, “There will not be a release party, it’s only a digital release. That’s like having a release party for a new Facebook post, in my personal opinion.”

Hot Nerds will start a West Coast tour in early June and a Midwest tour with Plasticizer in late July. As for the reunion of All Leather, which split in early 2012, “One of the main obstacles was the distances between members. With new technology, we can work on new material from long distances and move at a comfortable pace without the financial burden of transportation costs.”

Two new songs have been completed, “Insufficient Apology” and “You Too Can Steal,” with the former just made available via “The sound is much darker and more aggressive than All Leather’s previous sound. It’s mature sounding.”

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