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The Tacoburger: Part Three

Ponce's Mexican Restaurant elevates the basic burger to rare indulgence.

El Jefe says Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant (4050 Adams Avenue, 619-282-4413) has great hamburgers. He says they taste of the plancha, that it gives them that certain je ne sais quoi, like the one at Benny’s. ...

Tijuana, graveyard of the godforsaken gringos

Always take a taxi

Expatriate T.B. Beaudeau, a resident of Tijuana, relays tales of others like him; and the stories of those who met tragic/grim ends south of the border.

The Second Empress, by Michelle Moran

There be dragons and chick-lit.

What are you reading now? “I’m one of those people who reads seven books at a time. I’ll read things from different genres. I’ll think, I need to feel good. I need a good romance ...

Cheese-grabbing and wine-slurping in Tijuana

Ed visits Tijuana’s La Faraona, grabs cheese, slurps wine, learns about Aunt Lupita, who provides blended wines, homemade cheeses, and bread to her entrepreneurial nieces and nephews.

Teen Spring Valley girl caught with heroin at border

Over two pounds, concealed in trunk

An 18-year-old Spring Valley resident was arrested on Monday, September 23, after U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers discovered what they suspected was heroin in the trunk of her car as she entered the United ...

Alchemy's Patron's Saint

Already known for a menu informed by a free association of tastes, Alchemy continues to maintain the element of surprise by offering shrubs. No, not the kind arranged, designed, and sold by Monty Python’s medieval ...

Shoot a glock, punch the clock

Four Filipinos fight

See the job, do the job. Shoot a Glock, punch the clock. Based on a true-life, precinct-clearing scandal that rocked the Philippines, On the Job tells the story of high-ranking politicians who employed the services ...

Cheats and Liars

"Hey, do you know a guy named Max McEvil? He dropped your name, said he might be doing some work with you.” I raised my brows as I re-read the name, which I didn’t recognize. ...

Wish rock

Heartbreak, wishes, and advice from Cathryn Beeks, musician, promoter, and host of for the past ten years.

Savage rocks the boat

Red Not Chili Peppers bassist Jonathan Savage organizes “Rock the Boat,” a paddleboat cruise party on Mission Bay to benefit Marine veterans.

Mission Trails, Oak Grove Loops

Discover a Kumeyaay dwelling nestled in a shady oak grove.

The highlights of this short hike include the transition from grasslands and coastal sage scrub habitats to small shaded oak woodland with majestic coast live oaks and rare Engelmann oaks found along a stream where ...

The Standells

No one among us (with the possible exception of our parents) underrated the place of the Standells’ “Dirty Water” in rock and roll history. Years later, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would include ...

Almost Free Beer at Amplified Ale Works

Pacific Beach brewpub’s beer has assets beyond good flavor

OK, now that you’re paying attention, I’ll admit to crafting a title geared to garner a click or two. What I’m actually talking about is beer that is almost gluten-free. Yes, again. Two weeks ago, ...

This week in the San Diego clubs, September 26–October 2

Thursday 26Rough-hewn folkies Woods will be at Casbah Thursday night. The Brooklyn band behind the reedy falsetto and shambolic ’60s psych-guitar of frontman Jeremy Earl has grown by one, a full-time drummer, tightening the seams ...

Urban Acupuncture

An unaffordable vision for Tijuana's future population.

Tijuana’s planning; from North–South or Bottom–Up On June 26, the Hotel Ticuán, located on 8th and Constitución Avenue in downtown Tijuana, was host of the Urban Land Institute San Diego/Tijuana presentation of the “Downtown Tijuana, ...

Cathedral Glen, Angeles Glen, Pointer Glen in Escondido – all hit in burglaries

Hanging out at Grandma’s, ripping off her neighbors

Eva Knott’s findings from the court files of 21-year-old Wyatt Taylor Johnson, who burglarized a handful of his grandmother’s neighbors and pawned their stolen possessions. He admitted to four counts of first-degree felony burglary and expects to get four years prison when he is sentenced on November 18.

It's the Who, right?

Drummer Nathan Hubbard to play the role of Keith Moon in Moonlight Amphitheatre’s production of The Who’s Tommy.

Record-release roundup

On Thursday, September 26, at Tin Can Ale House, singer Joanie Mendenhall will launch Vanishing Point, featuring five new songs and two reconstituted cuts, recorded live in the studio with her longtime drummer Tyler Ward, ...

Mail call

What the Job Is Worth This is in response to Leo Lion Lady’s letter to the editor. Where does the businessperson’s extra income appear from to pay the minimum wage increases? Do more people rush ...

Gary Heffern meets Iggy Pop

Ray Brandes tells a story about Beat Farmer Dan McLain (aka Country Dick) when he was still a Penetrator.

A Thing of Beauty

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness; but still will keep A bower quiet for us, and a sleep Full of sweet dreams, and ...

The “Adhyatma-Ramayana”

None can ever be the cause of fortunate or misfortunate of another. The karman which we have ourselves accumulated in the past, that alone is the cause of fortune and misfortune….It is therefore in vain ...