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We went to Mexico to get ahead. We smuggled cheese to get back.

An American couple moves to Tijuana to avoid the high cost of living in the U.S. They become food smugglers for Mexicans living in the U.S.

San Diego County’s post-office beeline

Two minutes or forty — you choose

Lori Ruedi of Carlsbad exited the long line at the Aviara Parkway post office on December 11 and said she would return in the morning. Then she decided to try a self-service kiosk that had ...

Ghost stories and slurpy food in Old Town

The ghost comes and sits in Chanel’s husband’s chair. “I heard the chair creak. Then I looked, from ten feet away, right here by the curtain, and I saw it, the empty chair, bounce back ...

San Pedro el Cortez — cooking without a recipe

They were new last year: the San Pedro el Cortez band, home-based in Tijuana, where there is currently a resurgence of rock bands that follow different camps: shoegaze, psych, British mod, American garage. SPeC fit ...

Author & Punisher Tristan Shone's got a Human Cud Bag

The deafening, complex roar of urban movement finds kindred company in Tristan Shone’s homespun sound machines.

Sprucing up the Arena — that's a wrap

Photographer Rick Gould’s ’70s concert photos were made into art for the interior of Sports Arena.

Christmas, island style

A memory of a Christmas spent on Mexico’s Isla Mujeres

At my desktop computer, I have clicked over to YouTube and typed in “Christmas music.” First up is, “Christmas Music Playlist Part Two For Your Christmas Party.” I click again. The party begins with Elvis ...

Secret Agent

She’s got the goods

I’m into delayed gratification. For example, if someone gives me a cookie, I’ll rarely eat it right away; instead, I’ll save it for a time when I’ll get maximum enjoyment from eating it (such as ...

Solar-powered parking

Another piece of unfinished business for new San Diego mayor Bob Filner: deciding what kind of expensive new-fangled solar-powered, radio-controlled parking meters to buy. “The City still has approximately 4,700 single space parking meters that ...

Peppermint-themed birthday party turns up Peeps and Pop Rocks

My youngest daughter always feels ripped off at this time of year because her birthday comes just three days after Christmas. She gets a second dose of presents, but we’re usually too wiped out to ...

Real housewives, fake band

Tim Foley is best known in San Diego as a multi-instrumentalist performer with the Celtic-folk group Skelpin and for his solo work, but for his appearance in the upcoming season eight of Bravo television’s reality ...

Christmas ¡con queso!

Thursday 20“Rex Everything” is in town at the Shakedown. Bassist Nick Oliveri has one hell of a heavy-rock résumé, including stints with Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Dwarves. These days the Palm ...

Seen on DVD: Alien & Super Troopers

I picked Alien because it’s a perfect example of what a horror movie should be: tight, dark corridors, the crushing black of space, and a creature you never quite see until the end. This one ...

Tale of a stealthy super PAC

Tale of a stealthy super PAC. During the days leading up to last month’s election, a mail piece was dispatched to voters in San Diego’s third county supervisorial district, where Republican Steve Danon was facing ...

How ducks find each other

Heymatt:I live near two parks that have hundreds of ducks that pair up during mating. When they all scatter from kids or dogs chasing them or from someone feeding them, the ducks quickly rejoin each ...

ResMed: Please refuse to play the subsidy game

Sleep-apnia device-maker ResMed threatens to leave San Diego because CEO says it’s too hard to run a business in California. Valid gripe or jobs blackmail for taxpayer funds?

Near-beer bust

Nonalcoholic drinking and driving

Hey Matt! I’m an alcoholic and I’ve recently cut down my consumption to the point that I’m not hammered all day every day. Well, I’ve converted to nonalcoholic beer for the daytime — ’cause I ...

Why the Yukon will continue to kill divers

Staci Johnson, a 26-year-old Marine , recently became the fifth diver to die while diving the Yukon, a Canadian escort ship sunk off of Mission Beach in 2000. Because the vessel is on its side, it is disorienting.

Sulo King buys Black Box Studio, changes name to Iacon Sound

We buy a lot of bulbs

“I realized that booking and promoting shows was a risky business to be in, and it wasn’t a sufficient way to make a living,” says Sulo King, whose career in concert promotion included a trouble-plagued ...

Santa art sought from Del Mar to Oceanside

One painting depicts St. Nick smoking pot

After seeing a window painting of Santa smoking a pipe and a snowman holding a water pipe at an Oceanside smoke shop, I decided to see if there were any other businesses that had pictures ...

A Closer Look at the Chula Vista Courthouse Flag

Heymatt: Why is a Mexican flag included at the courthouse at Third and H streets in Chula Vista? Does this mean some courtrooms there follow the “guilty until the level of extortion has been satisfied” ...

Letters to the Editor

Border Clarifications The news titled “Border Patrol to the Rescue” (Neighborhood News, December 6) is almost certainly misleading. When crossing the border by car you will be inspected by a U.S. Customs Agent. Very rarely ...

A Meditation on the Lord's Prayer

O good Father in Heaven, albeit there is nothing that we greatly fear, having the merciful unto [sic] us and while mutual love and charity each with other maketh us thy children of more strength ...

Marisa Siervo's Facebook: Sale

An estate sale makes the author sad for the deceased’s scattered fragments of life.

Reuben Bright

Because he was a butcher and thereby Did earn an honest living (and did right), I would not have you think that Reuben Bright Was any more a brute than you or I; For when ...

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