does someone want to come with me to the gap store? Hey Kyle, do you want to come with me? I could call Tony, or Dan, but actually they make things odd. Kyle too, last time we were in sprouts he began to sing some lennon song, loudly and proudly. There's nothing wrong with that, but I am a horrible singer, and one is prompted to sing along with someone who takes it upon themselves to sing. It wasn't a stage or anything, just like some hum when they're happy, Kyle sings, Kyle hollers, lennon.

Tony complained about Dan once: "He says he doesn't have the money he owes me, but then we go to flashbacks and those shits in encinitas and he's shopping for clothes man, you know what I mean?"

I'll go alone, should I shave? Is it fine, propitious, to apply for a job unshaved, or shaved? Isaiah gave me some advice: "Just go like that," looking me up and down," just take off your cap, wear a collared shirt, those pants are good, and just be real."

I need pants now, Isaiah gave me that advice about a year ago, and the pants have finally become far too soft, or I've lost weight.

Gap only works for me, levis would, but I'd be too much like my uncle, who brags about his perfect fitted levis.

I'll go with jeans this time, so I can change enough for next semester as to hold some self respect if there's any left.

I've got my girlfriend's car, so that's my ride, and about two hundred in the bank, the last of subsidation, which I liked to refer to as my black-card, because it was as if I were not working but had plentiful money, as if I were an heir to some arab well, but now it runs out.

So I need a job again, I cannot keep up this appearance of vacation-for-life thing. I could if I totally dropped out, but today I only lasted until ten, then had to leave my room, came inside and now am about to leave to the gap store, to get my next pair of pants that will carry me through the near future.

In fact, everyone can go with me, I'm leaving right now.


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