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Another school age girl has gone missing in Tijuana, adding to an increasing number of similar reports. Evelyn Heredia Chairez, a 15 year old native of Tijuana, has been missing since September 4th. According to the El-Mexicano she was last seen leaving her home for church.

An investigation is underway by La Subprocuraduría Contra Delincuencia Organizada a través del Centro de Apoyo a Personas Extraviadas o Ausentes (CAPEA or The Deputy Against Transnational Organized Crime through the Support Center of Missing Persons). CAPEA aids in the investigation and rescuing of missing persons.

Evelyn is 5 foot 3 inches tall (1.6 meters) and weighs 154 pounds (70 kilograms). She has brown hair and green eyes. She also has a scar below her right eye.

Stories of missing girls like Evelyn, missing 16 year old Katerine Dávalos Muñoz, and murdered 22 year old Ixchel Leilani Domínguez Carrillo and 20 year old Christy Alejandra Uribe Ortiz have struck fear in Baja Californians. Authorities have attempted to keep such fears quiet in order to prevent panic among citizens.

Numerous other young women have gone missing during the first half of 2012, such as 14 year old Martha Estefanía Gaxiola Osuna. You can find information on these cases at CiudadTijuana.info.

The highest profile missing woman in the area did turn out to be a runaway incident, which state authorities have claimed to be the cause of many of the cases. Magaly Salazar Bravo disappeared for two weeks before reappearing. She had left Tijuana and began working in a gentlemen’s club in a suburb of Guadalajara. She has since returned in order to reconcile with her family.

Arrests of suspects or recovery of missing persons have almost been non-existent in the string of missing and murdered young women in Baja California.

A man was arrested in September, who was believed to have been luring school age girls to work as escorts. He was released 48 hours due to a lack of evidence.

An armed suspect was also arrested weeks later near the rural crime scene of the murder of the two young Ensenada women. Authorities have yet to release if he has any ties to the crime.

Ensenada, which lies an hour south of Tijuana, has seen unusual levels of violence which has not spared women. However, Baja California in general has seen violent crime drop. While Tijuana was previously dubbed one of the most violent cities in the hemisphere, it is now regarded as a model city for fighting organized crime and police reform.

Anyone with information regarding any of the missing persons can contact CAPEA in Tijuana at (664)104-28-00 extension 2956, by dialing local emergency number 066, or the local anonymous tip line at 089. If unable to reach because calling from the United States you can contact me at 619-306-7730 or [email protected] and I will forward information to the proper authorities.







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ElConejo Oct. 9, 2012 @ 1:58 p.m.

I can only pray for these young women. It will not be stopping a few men from preying on these young girls, it will be an effort to change a society of men who feel they can get away with doing these evil deeds.


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