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Old Mill Cafe is trying to buy my loyalty. And yours, too. All of our loyalties. With cold, hard cash. Yup, that’s right, this family-style restaurant in North Park is, as far as I know, the only restaurant with “Win Cash!” emblazoned on the front wall. The deal is as follows: every meal comes with an entry into a drawing for $100. No information is given about when or how this drawing goes down, which makes it seem like a Mafia lottery or something, but since the restau has nothing to gain by deception, I have to assume the raffle occurs as it should. I filled out the little ticket that came with my check at the end of the meal and I’m expecting a call in good time.

Bedford likes Old Mill for breakfast and I would second that. I can’t really fault a restaurant that posts on its Facebook page a picture of a cat flying through space on a piece of bacon. They even credit the image source. Good Guy Old Mill Cafe.

Funny thing: I wouldn’t look to Old Mill for dinner--as I can only abide the classic American meat/potato/vegetable meal combo under special circumstances--but breakfast seems like a no brainer. It’s a great alternative to Perry’s, for anyone who hates being on a wait. If you’re into old-school cool, ironically or otherwise, you’ll like the Old Mill Cafe. It’s funny how the best breakfast is often the least innovative, most familiar cuisine imaginable. I guess I don’t like to push my boundaries until after lunch. Of course, I only eat big, American breakfasts on days predestined for sliming around the house. There must be something to that....

Anyways, I tried some pancakes and they were spot on. Big, fluffy pillows of sleep-inducing starchy goodness for $5-$6. That’s all I want on a day when I’ve got not much else to do but loaf around the house after stuffing my face. In particular, I’d recommend the sweet potato version. A full stack is about all the food anyone could ever need. The “standard” pancakes are great too. The rest of the menu looked pretty conventional (eggs, omelets, biscuits and gravy) and affordable. Beyond that, it’s all about the chance at $100.


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