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I see the shadow of disappointment cross June’s face.

Guess it's because I said "bread” when she asked if I want lettuce or bread around my Paleo burger.

Paleo…whu? To be honest: I don't know much about Paleo anything. Except wasn’t there that old movie, Paleo Joey?

Seriously, the only paleo factoid I remember from school was that the ancestors lived the cave life for 2-1/2 million years, and then 10,000 years ago (that’s just 400 generations) they got the idea of having food come to them. Agriculture.

An end to hunting and gathering. A beginning of gastric problems from all that glutinous wheat, starches, sugars, salts.

Fast forward to four months ago: Ian Pike was in North Park when the Not So Fast food truck (619-924-9244) lifted its side panels for the first time.

Now I’ve come across them tonight (and this was Friday night at the 3rd Friday food truck meet) at 57 Degrees (1735 Hancock Street, near Washington Street, 619-234-5757).


57 Degrees


Jim and his sister Carol charge you $2 to get to the food trucks behind


A dozen food trucks line the rear parking lot

Noticed the line in the dark. Joined it.

First thing you see is the Paleo sign on the truck's side.


Saw sandwich board menu.


Couple ahead of me come out with Bomb-Bomb sweet potato hash and avocado and bacon ($5)...


...and a plantain burger, looks like...


One that catches my eye is the first: “El Pavo Diablo, local turkey burger, with grilled jalapeños, roasted red peppers, and spicy garlic aioli, $8.”

Lots of other things, of course, like bison burger ($11), and beef, pork and mushroom burgers ($8-$10), plus wild cod tacos ($9), but I stick with the pavo.

“My partner Bob, the chef here, was getting sick on all the glutens and sugars and salts of the normal diet,” June says. “Then we heard about the Paleo diet, like eating what our stomachs had evolved to handle, meats, plants, over millions of years, and not what we’ve thrown at them over just the last 10,000 years. Grains, sugars, salts, glutens, processed food. So we switched to eating Paleo. And Bob’s condition cleared up! So we opened this truck, and now we’ve got a second one on its way too. It should be rolling at the end of the month. Uh, want yours on lettuce or on…bread?”

So yeah, I gave the wrong answer. Asked for that ultimate ag. product, bread. Plus a rasher of that processed pig-meat, bacon, and New World intruder, avocado.


June hands me my pavo burger




But, have to say, the boiger is totally lush and delish. I guess I could handle it without the bun, but hey, talking back to the future here. Could take a while. This is just the first introduction.

And actually I’m thinking as I finish up, I could get really interested in this. Think I’ll go back, find them on the road, see if this mastodon and greens diet is more fad or fact.

Look for more in upcoming Tin Fork.

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