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Wow. What a night. I am ber-loated. Sated. Gorged.

Did I mention stuffed?

I was at 57 Degrees’ monthly gastro food truck bash Friday.


At least a dozen trucks parked around the back. Vietnamese, Polish, Creole, farm foods, you name it.


And the good thing is you can take it up to the 57 Degrees outside deck – great at sunset - or the big, cool – actually quite warm-feeling - space inside...


...and get yourself a wine ($5) or a beer (Stone IPA, $4).

So I’ll just start off with one truck, and get to the others through the week. Because you might call this the true frontier of food. Yes, some trucks are mobile versions of restaurants already established in town, but a lot are just people starting out from scratch, with their own new ideas. You can feel the fizz’n’buzz of Brave New Worldz of eats as you walk around, nostrils twitching.

So I went big bucks first jes’ ’cause I was hungry.



Chubby’s big black Food Truck is basically burgers, but what burgers. Somebody tells me that they have the best chorizo burgers. Chorizo as a burger! Who knew? Chicho Casillas, the owner, makes his own chorizo, seems.

Also the portabello, if you’re into mushrooms.

They’re mostly from $8-$10.

But when I go up to the Chubby truck, they have this typed page in the window.

“Our new Surfing Chubby Burger, $11 plus tax,” it says. “Our delicious bacon burger topped with grilled shrimp, melted Mozzarella, Provolone and Cheddar cheese.”

Too hard to resist, even though, eleven bucks, I know. Better be darned good.

I ask this guy Carey for one. Then start taking a wander. Ten minutes later he actually catches up with me outside Pierogi’s Polish food truck.

He has this ginormous burger in his hand. “Better have it while it’s hot,” he says.


I do. And oh, that bacon – full rashers – meat, shrimp, cheese. A big fat squelchy, crispy, hot combination. Heaven. And two kickers: They have a delicious cream cheese sauce slathered along the bottom. And the bun! Oh man. Crispy toasted ciabatta. “That’s our own ciabatta,” says Carey. “Nobody else has it.”

More truckin' food tomorrow.

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