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Yeah, still working on this one...

Okay, so we all know that Judd Apatow is married to actress Leslie Mann, co-star of Apatow's ode to his own impending middle age, This is 40. (Which makes Paul Rudd Apatow's avatar, which, to be fair, is pretty understandable - who wouldn't want to be Paul Rudd?) So when, in the trailer, he has Mann push a curious finger into the supple flesh of Megan Fox's bosom, well, of course - the man is just doing a little wish-fulfillment via his better half. (Either that, or he's gathering images for a mental scenario featuring a non-traditional bonding session involving an odd number of participants.)


BUT...maybe it's not so innocent as it appears, this bosom-probing. Recall the trailer's opening, in which Apatow's stand-in muses on the happy possibility of his wife's death, an event which would clear the way for...wife number two! Leslie Mann could be fondling her own replacement. Creepy.

Yes, yes, later on, we seen Mann doing a little musing of her own on the possibility of mariticide. But of course we see that - Apatow needs it for cover.

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