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What, did you think we were finished? [Yes, more spoilers.]

Okay, so let's suppose Peter Weyland wasn't delusional - that we really are the new gods, thanks to our ability to create super-lifelike androids like David:

(Or super-handsome androids like Joel McHale.)

But in that case, the question remains, who is Prometheus, and what does he steal?

Answer: no answer. David seems much more interested in the other great theme of Prometheus, the one articulated by David himself: "Doesn't everyone want their parents dead?"

It's pretty clear why Vickers wants Weyland dead. But why would David want his "parents" dead? Here's one hint:

In other words: if our existence is ultimately meaningless, or even if it's directed entirely toward the benefit of another, we might start to resent the gods who made it that way.

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