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Speaking of that fake TED talk that Prometheus used in its publicity campaign, and speaking of last week's Questions for Discussion, here's one last possibility for who's who in the reboot of the Prometheus myth, courtesy of Peter Weyland:

"We are the gods now."

But if we are the gods, then Prometheus is stealing something from us, and we are the ones doing the punishing. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that one doesn't hold up. Guess Weyland was - what's the word? - delusional? Yes, delusional.

So, last one: what if Prometheus is that one engineer at the beginning of the film? The one who drinks the nasty stuff that makes him disintegrate and send his DNA into the water, thus (maybe?) seeding human life. Did he steal that DNA-donation potion from his fellow engineers? Was humanity never supposed to be created? Were the other engineers headed to earth to correct his mistake? If so, then they're the enraged gods, life itself is the fire given to humanity, and the alien virus is the eagle sent as punishment. Could be!

But it still doesn't explain the whole Temple of Jars thing. For that, you have to go back to the Alien DNA.

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