To Quillpena. Hope you recieved my reply to you comment. On Judy, I wish I knew. I have lost contact with her. I talked to her aunt, a good friend of ours from the former Sun Cafe, her last address and am waiting for her mother to call me back. Nobody seems to know or some evil thing is keeping us apart. I am just hoping Mable her Mother will call me back, she said she would in a year or so. I am just living broken-hearted waiting now. After all we worked together for 14 years and know each other for 18 years, why would this happen? All I can do is pray at my church, Our Lady of Lourdes here in Little Falls where I grew up and wait. I do send a letter to her aunt once in a while and call her to wish her happy holidays. I will wait the rest of my life for her. Some mens love for there women never die and mine for Judy will not eather. Maybe I am just the joke of San Diego and a loser U.S. Marine in a anti-American city. I wish I knew and hope Judy and I can beat this hang-up as we are both Americans 1. Water table has been contaminated by arsenic for over 7,000 years in Chile's Atacama desert's, Chinchorro peoples old setlements. Ref: USA Today, 4/01/10 page 12B 2. The 11th annual soup and chile cookoff for kids was held Tuesday. Our cook Melissa at Pete & Joy's of Pete & Joy's Bakery won 2nd place for her home made baked chili. She also won a people's choice award for her chicken dumpling soup. Ref: Little Falls radio News sheet 4/1/10 page 2 3. I see the federal cout building is starting to be built. I seen the implosion of the Hotel San Diego and will be back to see the finished court building.

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quillpena April 1, 2010 @ 7:57 p.m.

If it is meant to be, John, she'll come back to you. Nobody thinks you're a loser, we're just curious because there are so many unanswered questions to your tale. Keep in touch with Mable and maybe Judy will surface soon. Good luck, brother.


SDaniels April 1, 2010 @ 8:54 p.m.

Hey John, remember when you first started your blog, and I suggested that you shell out a few $$$ to get her address and phone online? Easy to do--and though Quill may be right, and you are doing the right thing, this way you can avoid aunts and mothers. If they are not giving you her contact info, there may be a reason for it, so you'll need to get the answer straight from the horse's mouth. It should probably be Judy's decision whether or not she wants contact with you, without any pressure or involvement by anyone else. I too wish you luck, and hope that if she decides she wants to move on, that you will find the strength to do so, too. Take care.


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