Seen two blue jay's the other day looking for acorns by a home on the way to lunch. Just below the blue jay's, was a chimpmunk looking for food. I clicked at it and it moved toward me until seeing me it ran off the other way. The weather is starting to feel like fall now with strong winds and light rain with temperatures in the low 40s. A flock of sea gulls were playing in the wind this noon as I left for lunch. I wrote Judy a letter a few days ago and talked about the schools and family friendly atmosphere of Little Falls. About raising children and buying a home and starting a business here in our future. My job at Pete & Joy's is going well and I am able to hold the fort for now. I am giving my all for Judy and her family and our life together, how she wants it. Some things learned; 1. Congratulations to Chancellor Angela merkel in Germany and crucial to the USA. Seems to be good for our president, with Prime Minister Jose Socrates in Portugal. Ref: Star tribune, 9/28/09, page A4 Good story on kidneys. Ref; Star Tribune 9/28/09, Page A1, A8, A9. 2. China excavated combustible ice ( natural gas hydrate ) from permanent tundra in the Qilian mountains and below their South China Sea. Nan'ao Island, East tip of South China's, Guangdong Province. a ship has been found with 10,000 pieces of antique porcelain, from the Wanli Period, 1573-1620 of the Ming Dynasty. The ship is 25.5 meters long and 7 meters wide said Chen Jianwer of Nan'ao county. 3. China wind power has doubled in the last four years with President Hu jintao's pledging to find more renewable energy in the future. Ref: USA Today 9/28/09 4. Cheonmado, a heavenly horse of the Silla Dynasty was found in the tomb of Gyeongju in Cheonmachong. Sincerely, John

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nan shartel Sept. 28, 2009 @ 3:27 p.m.

here outside my computer window the Blue Jays scream and holler for all the other birds to take flight and for me to throw handfuls of fresh seeds especially sunflower seed out my window at them...the big fat blue bullies!!!!!


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