Well let's go down memory lane with the Sun Cafe as it will be 2 years since the building was leased out and 17 months since I have heard from Judy and her family. But I did get a letter from them with my end of the year tax report from the two places I worked at before leaving last year. So why did I send the tax reports to them?, living in the Golden West Hotel the Post Office will not forward mail from a hotel even if it is a SOR. After asking Judy to marry me and her mother saying she had a boyfriend living with her now and that she is not interested in that anymore I left for Little Falls to try and offer her more of a life in a small town that her mother and I had talked about a few times when we were still working together. Being off for some 3 months I worked at Pete & Joy's Bakery until April when I returned to San Diego. Why?, it was good seeing my Uncle and his family and my sister and brother but with out hearing from Judy it seemed that I was just going home to mother and Little Falls is now a dead town with a aging population still living in the 50s. They say you can not go backwards, now I have proved that to myself. I started working at Brian's 24 a month after I came back and am still working there. I am finding I can't come back to the span of less than Dec. 31, 2008 here in San Diego whick was the day we closed the Sun Cafe. Why?, this is now the current unknown in the path of my life. The old people that I knew as customers at the cafe will not reconize me as a living person and Judy and her family will not respond to letters that I have sent, saying I am here for them if they need a friend. So what will I do?, past USMC men don't give up so will continue to send a card every 6 months to let them know that I am here for them. I feel like Isis waiting for the preserved dead to come back to life. So how has this impacted my life. I have been able to continue to keep working but feel the American system is trying to force me out of the tax paying sector so the rich can stay rich and make us fall behind. So why do I feel this way?. I left the University of Minnesota in 1981 and worked two years in Mechanical Enginering doing what I expected in the land of self determination. With the recession in 1982 I became unemployed. I was forced to suck off the government on unemployment until I was climbing up the wall trying to get back to work in a dead economy. I sold everything I had and moved to San Francisco to try a new direction. Being another dead old city things became worst fast, but I did learn how to live as a bum under the leadership of Dianne Feinstein who was mayor at the time. Moving East to Boston to San Francisco and South to San Diego for 12 years trying to find my place in life I was employed by the Sun Cafe and was able to move into the Golden West Hotel with some money from a death in the family, an Uncle, gift. Working with Judy's family for 14+ years I was able to build a chance in life which I proposed to Judy after the lease put me unemployed again. So back to the last two years. I have been able to keep employed and hold on to that chance which I still hold for Judy, but the change has caused me to lose some $12k in building of that chance. So has the last month or so when I have been cut to 12 hrs./wk at Brian's and now going backwards at a faster rate, but I have been still able to stay at the level at the lease time. Not bad for a Marine, but now I am in a dead World with Barbara Boxer for the next six years and so will she teach me to be a better bum or move this State on better than then Dianne did for me in San Francisco. By the way I signed up for Dianne's news letter to keep her up to date on how life is in Califorinia for tax payers. So As The Sun Cafe goes On, so will I, still loving Judy and her family.


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