To SDaniels- Thanks for the advise and encouragement in your comment, it helps my sense of loss. You have suggested I pay for somthing twice-I don't understand what to pay for. There are too many people with that last name on the Reference USA to find Judys number. I have her last number at her parents home, but they have moved and her aunts number. I use the internet at the library and sites like this one that are free to the public. I do have a cell phone at 320.360.3705 with 450 anytime national mins and 5000 mins Nights & Weekends each month. This plan has a rollover for a whole year with a monthly bill running around $55.00/month, with AT&T Mobility. If someone calls me and I miss the call, my phone tells me the number and I can call them back. So I will pay for it with my monthly bill. I may buy a laptop and sign up for the internet service sometime in the future when I get more stable in the economy. I am working with Mayor Sander's office with comments on " How to Make your money work for you", as I did vote for him and did go to council meeting sometimes on things that were going on. I see Kevin Faulconer wants to be mayor too. I have told him he can use my name and I am will to help him do that if I return to San Diego or even from here as he is my rep. there and I voted for him too. If I do not here from Judy or Mable in the next year I may well return to San Diego and try again. Why would I do this, well I lived in San Diego from 1983 until 2009 when I decided to come here to Little Falls when the Sun Cafe building was leased out to try and start a better life for Judy and her family in small town U.S.A.. If she is not interested, my goal is fruitless here as I can not live a middle class life here without her to help me, as we talked about in letters I sent her before I left. What ever the out come I hope that we can at lest keep in contact for the rest of my life as my love for her and her family is unending. The signs of Spring are now beganing to show. The buds on the trees are comming out at a rate of 1/8 inch a day, rain is starting to come this way and the insects are becomming more abundent. Easter is here and we had a lot of orders for this day last night so I worked some OT. All we need now is for the fish to start running and Spring will be complete.


SDaniels April 13, 2010 @ 11 a.m.

John wrote: "You have suggested I pay for somthing twice-I don't understand what to pay for."

Hey John, what I meant was that I paid a small fee to get someone's address online, and for more you could get a phone number, too. Sounds like you have already explored your options for quick online searching.

I hope Judy's relatives come around and give you her whereabouts, but it is understandable when people don't want to give others' information out. You should ask them to ask Judy to contact you.


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