Well it has been 1 year, 2 months and 7 days since the Sun Cafe closed. John is still feeling the loss of the relationship with Judy and her family. I am on the third job change from the closing, now at Pete & Joy's Bakery here in Little Falls, MN.. This is after a try at Labor Ready which could not keep me working and a part time position at Brian's Bar and Grill which I left to return to Little Falls. I have tryed to keep in contact with Judy's request to do so, but have not been able to talk to her or recieved any reply to letters sent to her since my last phone call in May of 2009. Mable did call me once since i've been in Little Falls because I sent my mail to her address to be forwarded to me when I found a place to live here in Little Falls. After an emotional conversation she said she might call me in a year or so. This is one hope for our continued friendship. Now with Judy, since my last contact with her requesting that I continue to give her updates on where I am. I have sent letters to her last address and tryed her phone number but have now been told that she has moved. I am talking to her aunt and a friend of ours from the Sun Cafe, Ken of the former Wyatt Earp Museum to try to find Judy's phone number. This loss of contact is making me feel a little heart broken each day and I will continue to send a letter to her last address and her aunt a few times a year. They say you can not return home unless you bring something back from where you have been. I am finding this out here in Little Falls. My intent of coming to my home town was to offer a small town chance for Judy's family and my family with a lasting relationship after the 15 years of working together. On the relationship with my home town. I have tryed to offer advise of where I am coming from to help the city, church, schools and Republican Party here in town too. The Republicans want too much, the schools have turned on me and about the only friends I have left are the people I work with. If Judy were here and we worked as two people maybe I could be more accepted. I have been in Little Falls now for 9 months, 26 days. As a result of the events in this time I will stay on the job, save for our future and try for another year. My hopes are that Mable will conact me, I will be able to reconnect with Judy on a one to one conversation and not have to rely on second-party information. Even writing this update I feel a hurting in my heart and a feeling of loss in my mind. With all this said, after one more year in Little Falls, my mind set, now is to return to San Diego, put my fate in my faith and give up small home town America as they will not accept me back without Judy and I being together to build a future here. So " As the Sun Cafe goes on" I will continue to walk the hard lonley road until Judy heals my heart by letting me know that she is ok, and we can keep in contact.

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