Worked from 2 AM to 8:30 AM this morning. After work I walked up to Burger King for breakfast. I had two egg and sausage sandwiches. Went to Coborn's and bought a banana. The walk was a bit damp with fog in the air and temperature around 51 F. You could see the halo of the sun behind the fog. As I was passing the middle school walking back, I had an emotional experience with Judy and the Sun Cafe. It may have been the banana that triggered it because I had one each morning at the Sun Cafe. Walking along the sidewalk we seen smoke coming from the chimney of a home struggling to blend in with the lightly laden foggy air. I felt the presence of Judy at my side walking hand and hand together rustling through the leaves that had fallen from the trees on the sidewalk. We were felling the warmness of our bonding moments working together on her parents home with a fire place and at the Sun Cafe in the autumn. Judy loves to decorate the windows for autumn with leaves, acorns and autumn colores. As we walked along we seen a women raking pine needles from pine trees on her yard and a crab-apple tree with the apples bending the branches with their weight. A number of them were on the ground because the owner was not picking them. As we walked past Pete and Joy's I seen the window decorated for automn and complimented her for a job well done. She smiled with that heart melting look of approval. As we reached my apartment and looked out the window the fog had cleared and the river was like glass with the trees reflection on the water. The sky is blue-gray with light shaded high clouds like fog appearance. We looked at each other and said I love you and said our future will be a life full of happyness and love, with my eyes flowing with tears. Now I must catch some sleep for work again at 2 AM. Pete's wife, Joy may need a heart operation because she had a stent in a vein near it and the doctor says it is clogging up. We all hope she comes out of it ok. Also one of our sales ladies is having knee surgery and will be off for three mounths, so we will need a part time helper. I am getting a bit long, so as Judy and I are in spirit together and in the future will be married, and be as one, as God wants us to be, as the Sun Cafe goes on. Things learned: 1. Good luck to Rio de Janeiro in the 31 st Olympiad in 2016. Sincerely; John

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