Labor day 2009-had the day off, so what did I do. I went to Linbergh State Park here in little Falls. You know, the Linbergh at the San Diego airport. This was a favorite spot of mine when I was a kid. I have not been there since being a teenager. The park is the same except the trees have become bigger and the old walking bridge has been replaced with a steel one. I seen some squirrels hunting acorns and the bees were buzzing around. Hey Judy, I wish you were here with me to reawaken these kidhood days together, of when we caught tadpoles, and learned that they were frogs!. The maples are turning color and the elms a little bit, the oaks not yet.The river was fogging a little this morning but the weather has not been cold, it's just less sunlight. As I am writing some Canadian geese just flew over as I look out the window at the Mississippi river. Judy I'm just loving you a lot more each day, and waiting for you to set our wedding date. With me working now buying a home is a reality here in Little falls with our incomes and savings. Things can only get better now tha the recession is coming to an end. We will be working very hard at Pete & Joy's this week with the Art & Crafts Fair as we did at the Sun Cafe on Labor day!.

                                                             Sincerely, John


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