Filner imbroglio is all about greed

Don: "*Corporate welfare -- clothed in the words "business friendly" -- has triumphed*." It shall not! It must be exposed and reported in every crack and crevice of SD, by the time this BS is over, no matter which way this ends, the people have got to be wisened up! Those who really get what's going on have got to act (blog & Facebook the facts, wear t-shirts, photocopy Don's articles & pass them out randomly, use your imagination. . . every one can do something.) The people have to stand up now! Thanks Don & others for doing so through all of this nightmare--greed and corruption is the root of this story and everyone knows it or should strongly suspect it by now. A fortunate thing for the people and our Mayor, is that he'll become a better man for it. But, if this mayor is sacrificed, than we all crucified him. No more BS-ing about what the SD city nobility is about. Standing up for females rings so hollow ring when socially all genders are being thrown into the gutter in America's Finest Plantation by its lords and masters. Meanwhile, this mayor, this man, has expressed contrition, is facing his personal issues to correct them, and has not given up on the job he was elected to do. For the 6 months that he's performed with urgency and effectiveness for the greater good like a gladiator in SD's poisoned arena, he deserves the people's faith. It's likely that he'll emerge as an even greater leader and a better man. It'll actually be harder for some of his foes to look him in the eye later. Whereas he'll continue his journey/therapy to a better self and become a stronger person and leader, they'll still be steeping in their self-imposed sloth.. People can and do change for the better--it's beautiful to behold. But, greed---that's a hard vice and character defect to alter.
— August 2, 2013 3:04 p.m.

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