Sanders, Issa pump H-1B program

The J-1 is another corporate-welfare program that negatively impacts educational (training) and career opportunities for our citizens and the scope is broader and even more expensive to society than the H-1. Whether for public universities or non-profit institutions--our society and taxpayers shell out to pay the salaries of J-1 researchers via federal grant funds, including their visa processing so that many foreigners enjoy US training opportunities that give US taxpayers absolutely no return on their investment and diminishes educational imperatives in our own society. US trainees should be the rule, rather than the "exception" in labs. But step into any laboratory at most institutions and you'll quickly learn that the reverse is true. Principal Investigators (lab directors, professors) don't recruit or hire with a sense of civic duty or conscience about where all that grant money comes from. Most have no awareness of Title 45 - Public Welfare which they automatically agree to abide by upon acceptance of grant funds (typically in the $100s of thousands and routinely more than 1 grant at a time). Testing of PIs in this science town on the federal guidelines they agree to abide by upon acceptance of grant awards would be quite revealing, or worthwhile at the very least. Institutions are focused on appeasing their funded researchers, whose grants come attached with high overhead amounts. It's an expensive trough, costing our society in more ways than one, and on a grand scale nationally. By never questioning the "brilliant", the high and mighty and the prestigious organizations whose walls protect this elite caste---our society's and economy's losses are likely sky-high. Adding insult to injury, the corporate-research partnerships take this veiled, elitist, education & training system to a whole other level for the upper 2% alone as corporate partners receive first-rights on tax-funded discoveries. Corruption serves itself; society must defend against corruption.
— October 1, 2013 11:43 p.m.

Local courts full of Dianne York cases

— August 21, 2013 10:45 p.m.

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