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Stories by Jay Allen Sanford

"Nazi" attendees ousted from City Heights concert

"It's aways a good night when Nazis get kicked out from Tower Bar!"

"They were picking fights before they even got inside"

Lost local bands of the 60s/70s - The Brain Police

"The Who demolished part of our P.A. system"

Self-titled album recorded in La Mesa in 1968 sat on a shelf for over 30 years

Mr. Sensitive Guitar Guy

Langhorne Slim, Suffocation, Krisiun, Soreption, Mowgli's, Emily Kinney

If ever an act needed to be seen live to be appreciated for all they have to offer, that’d be Langhorne Slim, who treats every stage like a pulpit and leaves every attendee feeling born ...

Coming soon to a music player near you

Jonny Wagon and the Tennessee Sons, Joe Garrison, Frights, Captain Viejo, Becca Jay

The debut record from Jonny Wagon & the Tennessee Sons, Feels Good to Be Alive, mastered by Grammy winner Gavin Lurssen, drops August 17 at the Casbah. Regarding the title, “Suicide took the life of ...

Lost local bands of the 60s/70s - Tim Dawe & Penrod

Weekly time capsule rediscovering dusty jewels

Zappa almost turned this theoretical nuclear physicist into a rock star

This just in

Breaking news on Forest Grove, Little Dove, the Frets, Psychosally, more

“The Dabbers are still here, just on mini-hiatus while we make and record new jams as Forest Grove,” says bassist-singer Shelby Gubba-Reiner of her new band with guitarist Zack Wentz (Kill Me Tomorrow) and drummer ...

Topping the Spotify charts in over 20 countries

Maggie Rogers, Pink Talking Fish, Beartooth, Film School

I was hearing about “Give a Little,” the poppy new hand-clapping earworm by 24-year-old Maggie Rogers, for several days before I finally gave it a spin. Fearing another Meghan Trainor/Cher Lloyd knockoff like “Dog Years,” ...

Jim McInnes booted via Facebook from Jazz 88.3

Every Shade of Blue loses its DJ

"I have just found out that, after 12 years, I have 'retired' from Jazz 88.3."

Expanding the dancefloor boundaries

Thievery Corporation, Jerry Paper, Prophet, Yndi Halda

For over 20 years, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton have been expanding the dancefloor boundaries of EDM as Thievery Corporation. Though early efforts were paint-by-number exercises in straight dub and acid jazz, their evolution toward ...

Local record release roundup

“As twin brothers, Jonathan and I share similar higher levels of consciousness”

Americana band Golden Howl (formerly Golden Hour) premiers their debut EP Mighty Mighty, recorded with Jeff Berkley (Berkley Hart), August 1 at the Music Box, where they’ll be joined by new bassist Jeff Johnson (Veronica ...

Giggling and gurgling as they frolic

Shonen Knife, Escape the Fate, Dia de los Deftones, Goblin

The very first description I ever heard of Shonen Knife, back in the mid-80s when they were still a cult-ish underground sensation, is the one that remains for me the most accurate. I was working ...

Guitar geek

His first instrumental album features him playing guitar on all tracks

Mando making metal

Long before American Idol, X-Factor, and So You Think You Can Dance

Swingin’ Utters, Gregory Alan Isakov, Dance With the Dead and Paula Abdul

For a while, it didn’t look like San Francisco punk rockers Swingin’ Utters would survive into the new century. Founded in the late 80s (though not named Swingin’ Utters until 1994), their glory days included ...

Would Mozart do karaoke?

“I’m not claiming to be the greatest artist, but I come with full heart."

There are currently around two dozen recurring open mic events around town, including at Navajo Live, Java Joe’s, Midnight Jack’s Echo Room, Capri Blue, Spacebar Café, Pal Joey’s, the Merrow, 1st Street Bar, and Mr. ...


It's that time of year again...

You don’t need no stinkin’ badges What’s a poor unlucky muggle to do now that Comic-Con passes have become more expensive than Batmobile rims, and harder to pick up than Thor’s hammer? Not to worry, ...

Re-imagining cinema soundtracks

Morricone Youth, Nina Nesbitt, Exploded View, Mutual Benefit

Although they’re usually considered a quintessential NYC art-rock band specializing in re-imagining cinema soundtracks, Morricone Youth actually has roots in mostly long-gone San Diego groups such as Rust, Creedle, aMiniature, Crash Worship, and one of ...

Naughty antics

“I just thought they had a lot of talent for being so young"

Local teen band Ignant Benches is already enjoying some lucky breaks, thanks to the producer of their first professional recordings, Brian Karscig, whose group Louis XIV was once named one of 10 Artists To Watch ...

Lou Curtiss kept the music alive

RIP Folk Arts Rare Records co-founder

He championed young Tom Waits and countless others

Soft and dangerous

In This Moment, Shortly, Birdtalker, Todd Rundgren

Few metal bands take their theatrics as seriously as LA’s In This Moment, who have been known to wear costumes themed to the music, with masked guests onstage enacting bits of scene-setting that make performances ...

July's local record roundup

“There’s not going to be as many big, jammy guitar solos"

The Donkeys will play a two-night record release party at the Casbah on July 6 and 7 for their album Sun Damaged Youth, produced by Jason Quever, who worked on their debut full-length and covered ...

Less whimsical and more muscular

Ceramic Animal, Dale Watson, Mat Kearney, Monster Magnet

To call Ceramic Animal mere psych-rock is to unfairly relegate them to the same paisley parking lot spinners who never figured out that Their Satanic Majesties Request was just the Stones mocking them and their ...

People who like rock, dancing, and fun

"We never considered ourselves broken up, just not all in the same city"

“Our last album came out before Youtube was invented,” says Dan Nordheim, guitarist-keyboardist for the Blanks. “We got our start in Michigan, during the garage rock revival of the early-to-mid 2000s, and released a few ...

Don't Get To Know Jeffrey Joe Morin

All-star tribute concert and album release July 17

Locals gather to pay tribute to local mentor

Styx returns to rock opera

Plus Alan Parsons, Greensky Bluegrass, the Lil Smokies, and Ghost

A little over 20 years ago, when a bunch of Hit Parader contributors pooled writeups for a 20 Best Debut Albums of All Time feature, I took a lot of flack for doing mine on ...

Breaking local music news

From singing robots to opera singers

“The robot and I are heading into the studio next month to start recording a series of themed EPs,” says SDSU English department alumnus Michael Buchmiller, aka Professor B. Miller, the mastermind behind the Satanic ...

Rapper XXXTentacion killed in Florida

Told San Diego attacker "Next time make sure you kill me so I can't talk"

From North Park assault victim to Florida murder victim

Sometimes you just gotta move to Austin

Matthew Logan Vasquez, Thrice, King Khan & The Shrines, Dawes, Dermot Kennedy

After a decade spent in the frontman slot of mainstream rock bands like the mostly-local Delta Spirit, as well as Middle Brother (featuring members of Dawes and Deer Tick), famous former neighbor Matthew Logan Vasquez ...

Guitars amble and shimmer, drum tracks roll out like bubbles

Covet, Patrick Sweany, Florence & the Machine, Troye Sivan, Clan of Xymox

Based around Oakland and San Jose, “adventure math rock” band Covet features Yvette Young and David Adamiak, who together make sounds best described as music to watch dragons and hobbits by while you test a ...

Record roundup - local releases coming your way

Sue Palmer, Lower Left Jazz Trio, Sometimes Julie, Wayne Riker

On June 20, music teacher and Guitar Player magazine columnist Wayne Riker drops his Blues Breakout EP, which he describes as “a 25 minute-plus, five track instrumental guitar journey through a compendium of blues tributaries, ...

"Music that's made for having fun," plus other stuff

Eric Paslay, Daedalus, Anderson East, Honne, Shannon & The Clams

In an age where major labels seem the last and least likely place for new talent to develop, it’s a surprise when a big concern like EMI Nashville actually backs a winner that nobody saw ...

My Taylor and Telecaster remain friends

Dusty Best still playing the hell out of it

“Before the recent eruption, when the trade winds would die down, the smoke from the volcano would wrap around the island, and eventually make it to Kona,” says one-time O.D. Corral guitarist Dusty Best of ...

Breaking local music news

New bands, cancelled tours, upcoming albums, more

Newest happenings in the local music scene

What does KOD mean to you?

J. Cole, Omar Apollo, Jade Bird, Timbiriche, and The Flatliners, plus Young Thug

J. Cole’s KOD Tour pulls into Viejas Arena on August 22, promoting a same-named full-length released in April with a title said to either stand for Kill Our Demons, Kids on Drugs, or King Overdosed, ...

Düüns played for tweakers and random desert people

Also: Plunderbund, Haydo, Jamul, more from the Local Music Database

New band pages are added each week to the Reader's Local Music Database. It now numbers over 4900 entries, each with custom written bios, discographies, a local Video Jukebox, over 1,300 playable MP3s, more than ...

Three decades of liquor, women, drugs, and killing

Eddie Spaghetti celebrates 30 years of Supersuckers

It’ll be a few months before Chicago-based doom metal band the Skull releases their sophomore album, The Endless Road Turns Dark, so your first chance to hear a selection of tracks may be when they ...

Jimmy Ovadia's concert art

Painter wears out van touring with bands

“Highway 70, Utah, miles from anywhere, Jimmy [Ovadia, performance artist] driving and me taking sleep break, and there goes the back left tire blow,” says tour consultant Chris Warner of the May 7 mishap on ...

Not conned

Dennis Quaid's had a couple of toes dipped in the music pool since 1987

Headquartered in Sweden, but sporting two British members, Hillbilly Moon Explosion is celebrating 20 years of playing jump blues, swing, and barroom rock ‘n’ roll with a tour that hits Soda Bar on June 9. ...

What is the sound of one Monroe clapping?

"New" version of '80s new wave heroes the Monroes

The Monroes are back - well, one of them, anyway

Country music was a bad word

Surviving Dils co-founder Chip Kinman on the legacy of cowpunkers Rank and File

“When we started Rank and File, nobody was blending country with anything remotely hip or alternative,” according to Chip Kinman, who says the band he formed with his brother Tony after their punk group the ...

RIP Tony Kinman of the Dils

Local punk and Americana pioneer passes

Local music scene in mourning for cowpunk pioneer

Record roundup

Danny Green, Southern Reign, Kamau Kenyatta, Jeff Denson, more

Panama 66 in Balboa Park will host the release party for jazz pianist Danny Green’s fifth studio album, One Day It Will, which includes contributions from both his jazz trio and a string ensemble. To ...

Never mind the songs, it's the lineups that are on shuffle

A whole lot of Yes men are coming to town

Even the most die-hard Yes fans are probably confused about two different bands hitting the road this summer with productions billed as Yes 50th Anniversary celebrations. Having hosted dozens of members over the years since ...

RIP "Kitten" Johnson of CYKA & Pharmacy

Longtime local's unexpected passing

"Kitten" Johnson's unexpected passing

Up-and-comers and come-back-arounders

Cults, Gin Blossoms, Brian Setzer, Ugly God, Faust

It’s worth noting that San Diego has developed an interlinked web of small to mid-size music venues that share promoters and book shows at each other’s rooms. Casbah Presents has a particularly fertile relationship with ...

Happy Ron Hill's raspy voice

"Breathe that fresh air, we got plenty to spare"

“I’ve been playing this song for years, literally a thousand times, and it’s probably the second most popular of all my songs,” says acoustic troubadour Happy Ron Hill of his new studio recording and video ...

RIP Ukulele Ray, inventor of the lunchbox uke

Fender's first ukulele rep passes away

Fender's first ukulele rep passes away

Meet the Exbats

Ukulele ditties, then punk

“The moment we heard them, we loved them,” says Jaye MacAskill, one half of local comedic rock duo Pony Death Ride, of why she and her husband Joe arranged to bring Arizona's the Exbats to ...

Gym Class Heroes' Never Ending Summer

This is one of those shows where you’re probably a lot better off arriving early than staying late

For the last few years, after over a decade of nearly-annual Humphreys appearances (and a couple of side trips to the long-gone Anthology), smooth jazz cat Lee Ritenour has been staging most of his local ...

Will Live steal the show from the Crows?

Upcoming: Big Sam's Funky Nation, Tory Lanez, Fear, Counting Crows, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

If ever a band name fully complied with all truth in advertising laws, it’s Big Sam’s Funky Nation. Titular singer-trombonist Big Sam Williams is indeed large, both physically and sonically, there’s Bootsy-level funk afoot, and ...

Memorable brushes with fame

San Diego musicians recall meeting famous colleagues

We asked several locals to share their most memorable brushes with fame. Dave Gladish (Ristband): “I once met Rickey Medlocke of Blackfoot and Skynyrd in the Fort Myers airport. I told him I was playing ...

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