La Playa

Condo permit for La Playa's Kellogg Beach

“I’m not an activist by nature — this is not what I want to do.”

On February 4, more than 50 people gathered to voice opposition to a proposed condo development on Kellogg Beach in La Playa, a bayside neighborhood in Point Loma. After the meeting, Howard Haimsohn started the ...

Dude, where’s my yacht?

Current Owner: Varasano Family Trust Bedrooms: 4 Baths: 5 List Price: $10,998,000 “Bring your yacht home,” invites a listing pitch for the waterfront estate at 979 Scott Street in Point Loma’s La Playa neighborhood. In ...

They wanted to rent this joint for $25,000 a month

Current Owners: Daly Family Trust Bedrooms: 5 Baths: 9 Price: $15,750,000 Prospective buyers of the waterfront mansion on San Diego Bay at 2905 Nichols Street in the La Playa neighborhood of Point Loma are invited ...

Villa V

Pick up this Requa gem and park the yacht in the front yard.

Current Owner: Veronica Engel Listing Price: $4,595,000 Beds (main house): 4 Baths (main house): 4 This vintage villa was designed and built in 1930 by renowned local architect Richard Requa. He is known for works ...

A few blocks from the bay

This one comes with the Point Loma Hope Garden.

Current owner: Sharon Zell Listing Price: $5,000,000 Beds: 5 Baths: 7 This week’s estate is perched atop a hill, just a few blocks from the San Diego Bay in the Point Loma neighborhood of La ...

Gangsters’ New Paradise in Point Loma?

Some colorful, detailed graffiti that was painted on a retaining wall overlooking Kellogg Beach in La Playa earlier in July has been painted away. Concerned neighbors called police gang units to come out and take ...

Average Easy Comforts of La Playa Bistro

La Playa is a sweet little neighborhood spot that its neighborhood obviously embraces — it was packed on a Thursday night. The Lynnester (slim, chic, and currently very blond) arrived early and seemed to be ...

High-Income Housing

Superintendent Alan Bersin has finally sold his Point Loma house and moved into a manse down the hill in La Playa overlooking San Diego Bay. The controversial school honcho got $1,250,000 in September, when he ...

Walk on a wild side of San Diego Bay and up onto the Point Loma peninsula

Here's how you can experience some of San Diego's finest views of bay and city, get away from crowds, and enjoy a little exercise at the same time. Give yourself an hour or a bit ...

Scurvy slays sixty

Spanish ships buried their dead at foot of Market Street

The spot came to be known as Punta de los Muertos, “Point of the Dead,” or just Punta. Gray camped at Punta and saw the obvious: protected, accessible to ships, deep anchorage, “the logical location for a port city.”

The Mudhens Move to Talbot Street

San Diego Yacht Club moves from Glorietta Bay to La Playa

Most members lived on the “mainland” — Mission Hills and Point Loma (especially the Roseville/La Playa area, which runs west from the old Marine Corps recruiting depot) — and most moored their boats around the Roseville Pier.

When Richard Henry Dana returned to Point Loma

As we round Point Loma .

On the 22nd of August, 1859, the little steamer Senator called at San Diego with passengers from Los Angeles. It rounded the point under the lighthouse and entered the harbor’s narrow channel at about 8:00 ...

La Playa/Kellogg. piers ordered torn down

The narrow path from Talbot Street south to Bessemer Street

On the bayside shore of Point Loma, directly across from Shelter Island, is a secluded and very pretty beach named La Playa/Kellogg. The beach has four private piers owned by residents whose backyards extend almost ...

The Portuguese fishing families of Point Loma

Tunaville times

San Diego’s tuna fleet then numbered 200 and accounted for eighty percent of the world’s catch. Nearly half the vessels were owned by Portuguese dynasties that had been living in Point Loma for several generations.

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