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Grateful Dead music lessons, classes in radio control boating

San Diego Reader Classified ads, October 23, 2019 .

Call in your FREE classified ad (619) 450-4293 voice mail. Or text it to us (619) 272-2772. Or visit and fill in classified ad form. (Businesses can use this too for $5 classified ads) ...

Cheers to Al Hirschfeld and other cartoonists at Café La Maze

“A few old haunts still remain”

The afternoon sun that tries to slant its way into Café La Maze’s open front door runs smack into a brick wall, but the accompanying breeze does a neat little dogleg and finds me at ...

Bad Hombres, Good Wives: think Jim Carrey or Chevy Chase physical humor

Find someone whose crazy matches your crazy

This is a funny show. It needs to be funny. If it weren’t funny it would be offensive, especially in our delicate and easily offended culture. The characters are so exaggerated that we don’t take ...

Latin American Art Fair, Zombie Crawl Meets Day of the Dead, Amazing Adventures of the Marvelous Monkey King, Pumpkin Bash with Big Cats, Dream Theater

Events October 24-October 30, 2019

Thursday | 24 Latin American Art Fair See the work of Tijuana-based artists Cesar Vazquez and Maik Jimenez, winners of the Fair’s 2018 Best in Show and Honorable Mention. The installation includes paper-based flatwork and ...

The fight over San Diego High School

53 reports filed with the Fraud Hotline

High school hijinks An October 11 Union-Tribune op-ed by San Diego Unified school board trustee Richard Barrera argues for keeping San Diego High School in Balboa Park, citing voter approval in 2016 of a measure ...

San Diego avocados – pretty much all Hass

Water's the big problem

"Find a good well.” That’s what Al Stehly, long-time North County avocado grower recommends, if you want to make a living nurturing what some folks call “green gold.” Stehly, who owns an 8-acre grove in ...

San Diego drinking without IPAs

Porters, lagers, pilsners, bocks, ales, bitters, grisettes, sours, ciders, meads, natural wine, kombuchas, beerwhiskey, upcycled vodka, sakes, San Diego gin

Nobody’s knocking IPAs. The hoppy pale ale style that built San Diego’s beer reputation is alive and well. We have hundreds to choose from every single day. We are spoiled with IPA options. But sometimes, ...

Reader hard to read

Even after replacing glasses

Squinting through the pain I have been reading the San Diego Reader for over 42 years and have enjoyed it. But the October 17 issue presented special problems. The print was so small that I ...

San Diego brunches every day

Morning Glory, Eclipse, Mexipino, Brockton Villa, Great Maple, Feast & Fairway

Sunday brunch is a joy so great they named a fourth meal to honor it. Which is why Sunday brunch is sort of a nightmare event. Every-dang-body wants to meet for brunch about 11 am ...

Misadventure & Company: the positive side of a carbon-negative product

Making something interesting and doing something good

Liquid future Bartender Whit Rigali and agricultural economist Sam Chereskin didn’t set out to make vodka. They wanted to make bourbon. But what do you know: bourbon takes time to age into its glory, and ...

Ironic Justin Trudeau Halloween

Hipsters have the private belief they could have been stand-up comics

Dear Hipster: I read where you gave the wise advice, “Anytime you want to try blackface - DON’T.” But what if you want to go as Justin Trudeau in blackface? Isn’t that meta enough? — ...

Take the plunge at Three Sisters Falls

One of San Diego’s legendary trails gets a much needed face lift

While the rest of North America is shoveling snow, San Diegans have the perfect venue for a hot day – hiking to Three Sisters Falls and taking a plunge in the frigid mountain water. The ...

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