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Steak with benefits at Lou & Mickey's

A new dry-aging room gives Gaslamp prime steakhouse an edge

Because of its plum location across the street from the Convention Center, at the left leg of the gateway arch welcoming visitors to the Gaslamp Quarter, prime steakhouse Lou & Mickey’s struck me as a ...

Flim-flammer Flaxman fumes over USC, Stanford, Georgetown, and Yale application bribery snafu

USWho?: “S before C, what the hell is this D?”

When word broke that the FBI had exposed a massive college-applications bribery operation being run out of Newport Beach, observers were quick to note a surprising presence amongst the prestigious universities into which parents had ...

Will Gluck’s story of suburban teen life, Yael Hersonski’s spellbinding Nazi documentary, and Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s debut feature on the horrors of social media

2010: a film odyssey

Here are three from 2010. It was a very good year. Stream them all on Amazon. Easy A (2010) There is no such thing as an authority figure in a John Hughes film, only buffoons ...

SDSU holds “healing circles” after mixed-race group hurls racial slur at Black Resource Center

“They Called Us White!”

In 2017, the state Attorney General’s office issued a report which stated that SDSU lecturer Oscar Monge used the term “white” whenever “he wishe[d] to explain someone who has done something wrong, or bad. Indeed, ...

Zengzi: Confucius disciple who was an influential proponent of filial piety

He became the author or editor of The Classic of Filial Piety

Of all (creatures with their different) natures produced by Heaven and Earth, man is the noblest. Of all the actions of man there is none greater than filial piety. In filial piety there is nothing ...

Mercedes de Acosta: playwright and novelist who also wrote of her Hollywood affairs with Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich

She was never afraid to flaunt her sexual proclivities

Unreality Through the window-pane I see your face, Its outline a little vague In the dimness of the shadow. But the whiteness of your skin Is like a clean ship’s sail, Standing out in the ...

Union-Tribune online numbers plunge 22.44 percent

Can Soon-Shiong hit five million L.A. Times subs?

A bold new digital subscription prediction by Los Angeles-based Patrick Soon-Shiong regarding the L.A. Times, which he bought last June for $500 million-plus and has since infused with $150 million worth of staff salaries, along ...

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