La Jolla Shores.  Smuggling vessel impounded by Homeland security.
  • La Jolla Shores. Smuggling vessel impounded by Homeland security.
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Apr 29

10:15 Medical: Multiple lifeguard units and vessel respond to a report of a 50 year-old male, conscious and breathing. Call upgraded to CPR in progress, three shocks given with defibrillator. Medical unit transports patient to UCSD with heartbeat.

12:43 Enforcement: Lifeguards are called to Casa beach for a seal pup “cornered” by people. Lifeguards determine beach is clear and SDPD cancelled.

14:15 Boating: Lifeguard supervisor reports Jet Ski rider separated from vehicle in water on Mission Bay. Lifeguard vessel makes rescue and transports victim back to vessel.

15:27 Medical: Lifeguards respond to 7 year-old male involved in a bicycle accident at the Model Yacht Pond. Lifeguards determine no assistance needed.

Apr 28

16:10 Enforcement: Lifeguard and SDPD units respond to Tower 13 at Mission Beach for a disturbance on beach. Call reported as intoxicated juveniles vs. adult. SDPD takes two juveniles into custody.

Apr 27

13:10 Boating: Multiple lifeguard units respond to an 18 ft. vessel inside surf off Hospitals. Lifeguard paddles out and tows vessel out of the surf line until vessel engine able to restart.

16:01 Other: Lifeguard responds to call of concerned citizen’s worries about unsupervised children on beach at Nautilus St. Lifeguard determines no distress and no assistance necessary.

19:00 Medical: Lifeguard responds to a male that was punched in the head at Mission Beach. Fire handles.

19:47 Boating: Lifeguard vessel responds to an adrift Catamaran in Sail Bay. Mission Bay Sports Center sends a chase boat and tows back to their dock.

Apr 26

06:06 Boating/Enforcement: Smuggling vessel on the beach at La Jolla Shores. Lifeguards, Homeland Security and Border Patrol units respond. Vessel impounded by Homeland security.

07:05 Boating: PWC adrift in the turning basin. Rescue 5 responds and impounds. Vessel picked up by owner.

07:10 Other: Ringing alarm at the Children’s Pool tower. Lifeguard, Fire respond. Lifeguard turns off and Fire is cancelled.

Apr 24

16:37 Medical: male suffering from dehydration at Ocean Beach lifeguard tower. Lifeguards, Fire and Medics responded. Medics transport patient to UCSD.

18:07 Open line on 911 call box at Marine ST. Lifeguard responds to check it out and reports the call box checks clear.

Apr 23

15:02 Other: Report of a 5150 at the end of Ocean Beach Pier. Lifeguard supervisor makes contact and determines subject is a regular, and is compliant.

16:49 Medical: 25 year-old female intoxicated at Veterans Park. Lifeguards respond. Fire is on scene and needs no further assistance.

17:30 Boating: Ocean Beach tower reports a sailboat on the rocks south side of the channel. Lifeguard vessels respond. Sailboat is towed to Mariners Basin.

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