Pappy's Point. Lifeguard responds to Pappy’s Point for a reporting on group of inexperienced swimmers.
  • Pappy's Point. Lifeguard responds to Pappy’s Point for a reporting on group of inexperienced swimmers.
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July 30

0757 - Medical: 28 year-old male with a stingray injury at Blacks Beach. Lifeguard unit responds. Unable to locate.

0940 - Boating: Overturned kayak with 3 people in the water at Dana Landing. Rescue units respond. 3 rescues, no injuries. Boats are righted and occupants returned to their vessels.

1126 - Medical: Unconscious female 704 Garnet Lifeguard unit responds. Fire to handle.

1425 - Cliff: Camino de la Costa & Chelsea Ln. 56 year-old male stuck on cliff. Lifeguard, medical, emergency and rescue units respond. 1 victim, non-injury northern area cliff response. Victim rescued.

1513 - Boating: 53 Ft. Viking dragging anchor at Mariners. Boat units respond and reset anchor.

1620 - Boating: 2 missing PWCs, Fiesta Bay. Lifeguard boat unit locates and escorts them back to De Anza dock.

1648 - Medical: Fire requests Lifeguard assistance accessing Pt. at 700 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Lifeguard, medical and emergency units respond for an unknown age person with cardiac problem. Lifeguard makes a meet with Fire. Copter1 is used to extract the victim. Medical unit to sharp memorial.

1758 - Medical: 35 year-old male stingray Pt. at Blacks Beach. JetSki unit responds due to tide. Pt. is north of Indian canyon. Pt. is treated then released.

2036 - Medical: Diabetic emergency with 52 year-old male at Ocean Beach lifeguard station. SDPD requested due to aggressive behavior. SDPD takes a 10-16.

2255 - Swimmer/Enforcement: PD requests LG to OB Pier for a pier jumper with ETOH on board. Rescue, lifeguard units respond and meet with PD. Rescue brings person to reception dock. PD 10-16.

July 29

1100 - Medical: 911 caller reports a puncture wound to the foot at Blacks Beach. Lifeguard treats and releases patient.

1101 - Medical: Callbox caller reports a 30 year-old male with a shoulder injury. Lifeguards respond and provide care. Patient self-transports.

1255 - Other: USCG requests a response to a call they received regarding person(s) harassing seals at La Jolla Cove. Lifeguard unit responds, investigates, and is unable to locate.

1319 - Medical: La Jolla Shores guards report a 45 year-old male suffering from an allergic reaction. Patient treated by emergency and transported to UCSD by medical unit.

1434 - Cliff /Medical: 34X reports an unconscious adult male on the Citizens Trail. Multiple units including lifeguard, medical, rescue and copter respond. Patient is walked down the beach and is evaluated by medical. Transport status unknown.

1717 - Boating/Enforcement: Rescue unit on a vessel stop at Ski Beach and suspects DUI. SDPD responds and preforms a field sobriety test and arrests subject for DUI.

1906 - Medical: Mission Beach guards report an unconscious 40 year-old male behind Tower 13. Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond. Patient is transported to Scripps La Jolla.

July 28

1006 - Medical: PB requests Medics for 14 year-old female with chest pain. Emergency, medical lifeguard units respond to PB tower. Pt. released to guardian.

1314 - Medical: 600 Law St. 25X requests Medics for 56 year-old male with eye injury. Lifeguard, medical unit respond. Medical to handle.

1500 - Medical: 21 year-old male with seizures at Saratoga Park. Lifeguard, emergency and medical respond. Medical to UCSD.

1826 - Medical: 2 year-old female with seizures at La Jolla Shores Lifeguard Tower. Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond. Medical transports to Scripps La Jolla.

2228 - Boating: 911 transfer call from SDPD. Possible boat fire south of OB pier. Lifeguard and boat unit respond. Lifeguard meets with RP. Light is determined to be no fire. Possible flash light from No Surf Beach.

July 27

0911 - Cliff: Fire requests rescue unit to Rancho Bernardo for an injured male stuck in a 50’ palm tree. Rescue/ lifeguards respond and set up as secondary rescue resource. Fire ladder unit is able to extricate the person.

1109 - Boating: 911 caller reports person in the water off De Anza. Rescue responds and finds a Good Samaritan helped the person to shore with no injuries.

1149 - Other: La Jolla Shores reports a missing 5 year-old. Parents located child within 5 minutes.

1244 - Medical: 911 caller reports a 72 year-old male with a shoulder injury from a slip and fall. Emergency, medical and lifeguard units respond. Medical to Scripps.

1315 - Enforcement: RP states “hundreds of people are jumping from a rope” at Pappy’s Point. Lifeguard units, SDPD respond and disperse crowd.

1421 - Cliff: RP reports a 40 year-old male injured his knee at 1130 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond. Patient is transported to UCSD.

1505 - Medical: Sick Person, altered level of consciousness. ETOH reported from 24X. Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond. Medical handles.

2027 - Medical: Lifeguard reports traumatic injures due to a bike crash at 3141 Ocean Front Walk. Emergency/ medical units respond and underage patient is released to parents.

July 26

0554 - Boating: Vessel “Bad Buoy” calls for Vessel Assist then USCG on VHF 16 reporting that they are a 53’ vessel dead in the water and getting close to the rocks at the entrance to Mission Bay Channel. Lifeguard boat unit is dispatched and tows vessel to slip at Dana Landing.

0950 - Enforcement: Tow Boat US operator requests assistance for an aggressive boat owner whose vessel has sunk. Rescued owner is dropped off at the dock at Dana and contracts with Tow Boat US for salvage.

1612 - Other: Lifeguards are called by PD to assist with a 3 year-old missing juvenile on the Strand. Missing child is located at Tower 13.

July 25

1337 - Medical: Blunt trauma from surfboard. 11 year-old male, no loss of consciousness after being hit in the back of the head. Medical to Kaiser.

1824 - Other: Missing hiker in Scripps area with mental issues. 22 year-old male in green trunks and tank top. Found by Scripps guard at Dyke Rock and taken to Shores for reunite.

July 24

1830 - Boating: 911 call for a vessel accident off Ski Beach. Lifeguard boat unit responds, turns out not to be a vessel accident. A PWC was overturned and being harassed by two other PWC’s. No violations witnessed. Lifeguard makes warnings on the two PWC’s in question.

2046 - Medical: PB Lifeguards request Medics for an intoxicated 18 year-old female at 700 Grand. Emergency, medical units respond. Medical transports to Scripps La Jolla.

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