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Weldon McDavid shot Greg Mulvihill on secluded dirt path in Carlsbad

A panda could have made up a better murder plan

Police picked up Weldon McDavid a week after the shooting. They pulled him over while he drove near his home in Fallbrook. The police and McDavid were aware that a man named Greg Mulvihill had ...

When you’re tired, everything’s worse

Three poems by Kim Dower

What It Means When You Dream You Bought a Red Cadillac it means your face is on fire it means your hands grab anything that moves it means you want to be kissing her scarlet ...

The jokes hold up in Old Globe's Importance of Being Earnest

Superiority to Hot Shots: Part Deux is the least of its accomplishments.

I laughed myself into a coughing fit after only fifteen minutes of the Old Globe’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest. In fairness, I also cracked up over the film version where Reese Witherspoon ...

Skate punks don’t die after all

Music sells the boards that sell the music

Does action sports still connect with rock? Not so much, if you consider the Warped Tour, which was built on the fusion of punk and skate cultures and is folding after 24 years. Or that ...

How can you not love a Flower that blooms into such moments of unexpected tolerance as this?

A rare commodity

A minor, eager to raise her pappy’s bail money, offers to exchange video evidence — footage of her engaging in sex acts, secretly recorded by two accomplices — for trips to various ATMs with her ...

City’s lobbying industry posted a record 2017

Feats of clay

By most accounts, the city’s lobbying industry posted a record 2017 and is looking to double their take this year. Among top performers is the Clay Company, which picked up $18,000 in the fourth quarter ...

Pulled up by roots reggae royalty

"Someone wrote we should call ourselves ‘Ginger Roots’ on a five-dollar bill."

Long before the Rolling Stones played the Belly Up, internationally famous musicians started popping up at the Solana Beach music showcase in the early ’80s. One of the first was bassist Fully Fullwood, who had ...

Black Panther joins the Bad Dad Parade

Maybe Star Wars really is our defining cinematic mythology

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about joining Rotten Tomatoes because I liked the idea of a critical conversation — all those informed perspectives, gathered in one place and trading impressions. Last week, I ...

Dude, the official Zappa band is going to happen

"My eyebrows went up" — Frank's hologram to tour

“The image of Frank won’t be onstage the entire time,” says guitarist Mike Keneally of the just-announced Frank Zappa Hologram Tour, featuring Keneally and other former Zappa band members. “The concept as Ahmet [Zappa, Frank’s ...

Southwest Strategies signs on with Friends of SDSU

Strategic Straw man

Southwest Strategies, the influence-peddling firm that helped mastermind the 2016 defeat by the military shipyard lobby of the Barrio Logan community plan, has signed on with Friends of SDSU, the political committee backing a takeover ...

The Moonwalkers are in town. And that’s not all.

San Diego also welcomes Jessie Ware, the Head & the Heart, and G.B.H.

Until a few weeks ago, it would have been easy to write off Detroit psychedelic rockers Moonwalks as just another DIY club crawler with too many guitar pedals and too little inspiration. The bass-guitar-drum trio ...

The $400 hangover cure

Doctor housecalls making a comeback

“Always have a job and a hustle.” That’s what Cheré’s mom told her. Cheré Amor Vassell has followed her mom’s advice. In her 13 years as a nurse, she has worked in Virginia, Japan, Florida, ...

Kit Carson Park: where organized activities meet open space

Hike includes internationally know sculpture garden

Something for everyone in Escondido (especially on weekends and holidays).

Olympics closing-ceremony specialty drinks and socks

Get your end game on

Spontaneity is a charism in the Kelly clan. At least that’s how we spin it. Some of our best parties and outings have been planned in a few days, hours sometimes, and they have been ...

Responsible to the blues

Janiva Magness: “I didn’t want to do it. What if I suck? What if I don’t suck?”

Readying to tour in support of her newest release, Love Is an Army, Janiva Magness checks in from her Culver City digs. We talk about artistic development. Magness is a blues singer. Electric blues at ...

Comfort food was never so needed

Thank God for Franco's large menu. It becomes my shield.

It’s Carla. She’s been ailing. Today, down here in Bonita, in a hospice, her suffering melted away. It was indescribably beautiful. Me, family, nurses, had been in close, talking with her, looking for even nods ...

The tortuous relationship between hipsters and stick-and-ball sports

The hipster goes through between one and five stages of sports appreciation, always in the same order

Hey Mr. Hipster Dude! With the passing of another Super Bowl of Crap, do hipsters actually pay any attention to all the sports crap that’s going on? If they do, WHY? I usually ride my ...

How to tie a bow tie

Advice from the Guinness World Record holder

The Pass, the Under, the Wings, the Flop, the Hole, the Prep, the Stuff, and the Cinch. That’s all you’ve got to learn if you wanna tie a bow tie in front of other people ...

Marcelo Radulovich's League not his own

"I’m not really looking for press or attention. If that happens, fine."

“Every day something new happens with Trump,” says guitarist Marcelo Radulovich, discussing the inspiration behind his latest project, Im Peach the Sequel, a “sound-collage” assembled from contributions sent to the musician and organized under the ...

Top events this week: Black Violin, WWE, and badminton

Plus a follow-up to the film Forks over Knives and lots more

Thursday | 22 #MeToo and #WeSaidEnough The Women’s Museum of California is hosting their second Women in Leadership Awards event, this time honoring women behind the #MeToo and #WeSaidEnough movements. California Senate president pro tem ...

Good weather, high cost of living make San Diego bad for pro sports

Metro area is economically so-so, at best

Once again, civic boosters are hoping San Diego will land another professional sports team. Big bucks are behind an attempt to rip down the former Qualcomm Stadium and make it home for a pro soccer ...

Chris Cate’s money-raising prowess

A pox on city hall

Still awaiting the results of a state attorney general’s office investigation into whether there was wrongdoing involved in his turnover of a confidential city legal memo to lobbyists for Mission Valley’s SoccerCity, San Diego city ...

What did he discover? How did he die? Who named Balboa Park?

No, Balboa was never in San Diego

Why does Balboa Park carry his name? Re: “Balboa statue – no way,” News Ticker. What is really sad is that this reporter Dorian Hargrove would not contact me and get my side of the ...

The Believer’s Hope (from Psalm 91)

A heap of contradictions

He who beneath thy shelt’ring wing resides, Whom thy hand leads, and whom thy glory guides To Heav’n familiar his bold vows shall send, And fearless say to God — Thou art my friend! ’Tis ...

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