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Ailing Qualcomm to undergo big layoff

A thousand could be let go

Qualcomm, which just recently was saved from a foreign takeover, began laying off employees today (April 18), according to media reports. Bloomberg, which appears to have broken the story, says the number could hit 1000. ...

Three poems

"Midwatch," "Nirvana," and "Pillars of Creation"

Midwatch Steaming as before, independently Which is to say alone On a black sea with white accents I am responsible for the souls Asleep while I keep watch Scanning the horizon for running lights Scanning ...

Work lunches without waistband expansion

"It's full of protein and it doesn't give him the afternoon nappies."

My love Patrick, after a few years of working at home, got called back to work in the office a few weeks ago. He immediately started blowing our budget (and his waistline) buying lunches at ...

A biological and geological wonder awaits

Take a hike through one of the largest remaining wetlands in Southern California

The San Elijo Ecological Reserve protects one of the largest remaining wetlands in Southern California, as well as the bordering hills containing beautiful stands of maritime chaparral and coastal sage scrub. The La Orilla Trail ...

Making Men on Boats read as comedy

A good time was had by all, laughing at the man-spreading and chest-beating.

While watching Men On Boats, I hearkened back to a production of Julius Caesar at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. The atmosphere before the show was electric: this is actually Shakespeare’s Globe! We were thrilled: London ...

Mammals, music, and Modern, plus horses and the Nobel Prize

Events April 19-25, 2018

Friday | 20 Japanese Guitar Japanese classical guitarist Shin-Ichi Fukuda will play the opening night of the San Diego Guitar Festival. For this first-time performance in San Diego, Fukuda has chosen to prepare music dedicated ...

Aggressive people and panhandlers move in on Eastlake

It's getting bad out here

Eastlake was considered by some San Diego residents to be refuge from the criminal activity that occurs elsewhere in our county. But in the last year, the would-be suburban utopia, which is about 12 miles ...

The most hipster things ever

Hindu Love Gods come in at #5

Dear Hipster: What are the five most hipster things that have ever happened? — Derek [It was at that moment Stevens realized he could not joke his way out of this one, or cleverly elide ...

The Chart Lady of Point Loma

When marine electronics fail, you're going to need a paper chart

“Paper charts need no batteries.” Ann Kinner, Captain, US Coast Guard, has put the little sign strategically among all the rolls of charts in her Seabreeze Book and Chart Store in Point Loma. It’s the ...

Sacred acorn paste of the Kumeyaay

Eat the way the local Native Americans ate, but better

Tipoff from my friend Ed: “Haute Kumeyaay Cuisine. Barona. Be there or be square.” “There” is at Barona’s Cultural Center. This Mexican pop-up chef, Gilberto Morales, who created his Baja-based Restaurante Nomada — Cocina Itinerante, ...

Caremark RX, Phillips 66 keeping Toni Atkins well fed

A convenient set of circumstances

Caremark RX, the Rhode Island-based pharmacy benefit management subsidiary of drugstore giant CVS, kicked in a total of $6300 on April 4 to the 2020 re-election fund of Democratic California Senate leader Toni Atkins, disclosure ...

Landslide buries Tijuana neighborhood

Residents ready to lynch looters, contractor

There are neighborhoods in the hills of Tijuana that always seem to be on the verge of collapse. Narrow streets that lead up steep hills give you a sense of vertigo as you’re riding a ...

Revolutionaries join San Diego DA race

Bernie’s revenge

Real Justice PAC, a political action committee of former Bernie Sanders operatives backing the district attorney candidacy of Genevieve Jones-Wright, has rolled out the beginning of a so-called peer-to-peer texting campaign on her behalf, an ...

Schumann wrote only 300 songs, advice for the Oceanside woman

We get letters

Sour grapes diversity “Entry level” used to actually mean “entry-level” just as “diversity” actually used to mean “diversity.” (“College is Over“, Cover Stories, April 11) At first glance the article does give the reader the ...

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