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Laurel & Hardy chased by Tex & Charley

The Sons of the Desert holds its next meeting this Saturday night

Hear, ye! Hear, ye! Attention Laurel and Hardy enthusiasts and all the saps at sea! The next gathering of the San Diego chapter of the Sons of the Desert will be held on Saturday night, ...

Beauty built on blood

Teotihuacan 2003 finds at L.A. County Art Museum

In 2003, an archaeologist digging near the Feathered Serpent Pyramid, one of the grand structures at the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Central Mexico, felt a soft spot in the earth that turned out to ...

Beware Heart Attack Hill

But look for remnants of the Harper cabin

In the early 1900s, cattleman brothers Julius and Amby Harper, who had a family ranch with their father in Rattlesnake Valley in the Cuyamacas, discovered a large, gently-sloping valley in the Pinyon Mountains while looking ...

Del Mar Mud Run, Carlsbad Flower Fields, Titus Andronicus, and Love Isn't the Answer

Best events for March 31-April 4

Saturday | 31 Love Isn't the Answer Nemr, the first Lebanese-American comedian to land on the cover of the mid-east edition of Rolling Stone, is getting ready to launch his latest tour, Love Isn’t the ...

St. Patrick's with Clan Welch & Co.

Last year, they posed as Irish Drunks for Trump

“God love him, you can’t have a holiday without Mike,” says Beth Lipski of her uncle, Mike Welch. He’s the one standing in full Tipperary kilt on the greensward of Balboa Park along Sixth Avenue, ...

Rap puts hipsters in a bind

We sometimes like the music just because it's good

Dear Hipster: We hear so much about hipsters and the obscure indie rock bands they love, but I want to take that discussion in another direction. Specifically, a direction completely apart from twee indie music ...

Alleged sexual assault at Lincoln High School leads to teacher's suicide

I believe Nathan Page is in heaven

At the end of his life, Nathan Page dismissed the loyalty of friends who cared deeply about him. In a fit of pique, he unfriended many of them on Facebook and attacked them in angry ...

San Diego Guitar Repair moves to College Area

Hip location traded for better parking

After 12 years, San Diego Guitar Repair recently left their storefront in University Heights and moved to a new location on the 6700 block of El Cajon Boulevard, about a mile from San Diego State. ...

Record Release Roundup: Spice Pistols, Teenage Burritos, more

plus: Brian Jones Rock 'N' Roll Revival, MC Flow, and Berkley Hart

The release party for Punchcard’s new full-length, Making It Great…Again, takes place Friday, March 30, at Til Two. “The album focuses on the idiocracy of the American public,” says singer-guitarist Chris Vanoli, “allowing Donald Trump ...

The joys of groan-inducing dad jokes

There is no doubt that Finest City Improv is a better experience than watching improv on your phone or a TV

I admit that it was with some trepidation that I went to Finest City Improv. The location was a small theater on Louisiana Street just behind the Lafayette Hotel and its notorious Red Fox Room. ...

Why do they call them The Fighting Irish?

“Whiskey in the Jar,” a song about getting drunk, getting laid, and armed conflict

San Diego State University has appointed a task force to make a recommendation about whether or not to keep Monty Montezuma, the school’s Aztec warrior mascot. As of this writing, there has been no corresponding ...

Dog lunges at librarian

Spending in the name of the environment; Dem racking up cash

Small, white, and poodle looking “Your privileges to use any San Diego public library location are suspended,” says a December 11, 2017 notice addressed to one “unknown female’s dog.” Checked violations include “patron is behaving ...

Someone's teed off in Coronado

Not graft and corruption... courtesies

“Roger Miller has run roughshod, and there’s no oversight.” No, not that Roger Miller, “King of the Road,” but Roger Miller, grifter of the greens, who calls the shots at Coronado Municipal Golf Course, where ...

Terry Brown's sellout

Hotelier acquiesces to union demands

For decades, C. Terry Brown and his father before him cast themselves as the stalwart guardians of San Diego Republican values, spending major sums derived from their sprawling Mission Valley hotel empire to back GOP ...

Chicano Park terror, Orthodox in Chula Vista, Normal Heights history

Letters from our readers

Terror in the park The cofounder of Chicano park, Talamantez, was quoted as saying (News Ticker, March 23): “It is my understanding that the San Diego Police Department acted very quickly to disarm the terrorist ...

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