“The Normal Heights sign is the only original neon sign I’m aware of that still hangs in San Diego,” says Scott Kessler.
  • “The Normal Heights sign is the only original neon sign I’m aware of that still hangs in San Diego,” says Scott Kessler.
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Chicano Park. "I decided to take my daughter to a Padres game instead."

Terror in the park

The cofounder of Chicano park, Talamantez, was quoted as saying (News Ticker, March 23): “It is my understanding that the San Diego Police Department acted very quickly to disarm the terrorist by allowing them to place their weapons and other paraphernalia back into their vehicles,” reads a letter sent to Chief Nisleit. “Though I appreciate the [department] for their quick response to disarm them, if it had been Chicano/Latinos armed to do harm, their weapons would have been confiscated and they would have been arrested.” It would be interesting if you could ask Talamantez how the Bordertown Patriots qualify as terrorist. From the articles I’ve read, they are a group who have not promoted any acts of terrorism.

The counter-group, on the other hand, DO appear to be participating in acts of terrorism. In September, I had been invited to attend to the Patriot Picnic, followed by an educational mural walk. I was going to bring my 5th grader but after reading of the violent intent of some members of that community, I decided to take my daughter to a Padres game instead. It seemed like a more inclusive option that was welcoming to ALL San Diegans.

We did go to see the murals on our own, a few days later (when there were only a handful of people there), and, while the park had nice equipment for my daughter to play on, since we are not of Hispanic origin, I did not feel it was safe for us to be there. I had wanted to take her there some afternoon, when it sounds like they’re having a festival, but the community seems hostile to “outsiders”.

The counter-group-terrorists basically won because we haven’t been back since. I have never been to an ethnically-exclusive public park before, and hope I never come across one again in the United States. It’s deplorable.

  • Dina
  • San Diego

Chula Vista city leaders have courted institutions of higher learning for a while with the promise of cheap leases on undeveloped land.

Saint Katherine of Chula Vista

I am concerned the City of Chula Vista is still considering St. Katherine Orthodox University of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese for the Chula Vista University City Project. (University of Saint Katherine in Chula Vista - City Lights, January 20). I visited the University website and discovered items I believe would make them unsuitable for our City site. The website for the University clearly states their religious affiliation and the clear intention to have an Orthodox curriculum taught by Orthodox instructors. I would be surprised if this was legal for public lands and preferential rent on that basis alone. I have added web information regarding this schools affiliation and beliefs. They have been accused of being anti-women’s rights, homophobic and anti-Pope. Please refer to City Lights for their review and possible research on this topic. Thank you for your efforts,

  • Tom Cary
  • Chula Vista

Teenaged saxophonists Tiger Diep (left) and Alvin Paige (center) are two of the young jazz musicians in the Young Lions program.

Jazz players lionized

I am writing to you about the cover article you did last week on music in San Diego ("Care and Feeding of Young Lions," March 14). I saw that you featured the Young Lions group and talked about some of the young people involved with it. However, you failed to talk about one person In particular, Julian Roel. He is the third person from the left in your photo of the sax players. He happens to be the leader of the band who just returned from Monterey competing in the Next Generation Jazz Competition. Julian attends SCPA and has made music his life with plans to go to college next year to study music. I feel he needs a written apology plus he should be featured as well. If you need his contact information let me know. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you again.

  • Pam Osterweil
  • City Heights

RIP El Cordova Garage.

Shark in the garage

I’m wondering why the El Cordova Garage hasn’t requested to be on San Diego’s Historic Register. ("A shark-sized bite out of the real Coronado," March 7.) A historic designation might make it more difficult for them to be evicted and might even enable the owner to negotiate affordable rent. A historic designation is a status symbol, and La Jollans definitely like status.

  • Dee Bratspies
  • Otay Mesa West

A nonjudgmental place

History of Normal

The article on Normal Heights in your 3/1/18 issue was interesting. There is one statement that is not quite correct. On page 22 it says that Lestat’s Coffee house “took over the space next door, formerly the site of a game room.”

The store immediately before Lestat’s move-in was a woman’s clothing store name the Oki Doky Boutique. Before that it was a bookstore. Before that, it may well have been a game room.

I was the owner of the Oki Doky, and I must say that in addition to being a great guy, John Husler is great at business also.

  • John Molin
  • North Park

David Arambula

Council Person David Arambula’s lemon grove

I really appreciate your article ("Lemon Grove councilman accused...." March 4), as this was pushed under the carpet by our City Council. Several of our City Council officals and the City Manager are being sued, and for such a small community we have such big problems. Our council is ineffective except for Matt Mendoza, and I only wish more of our residents know the true stories about what is going on. Please investigate more and let everyone know of the situations we are being put in; the city is almost bankrupt. Thank you so much

  • Teresa
  • Lemon Grove

Back row, left to right: Sister M. Teresa Keleher, Sister M. Gabriel Gardiner, Mother M. Michael Cummings, Mother Josephine Smith; front row: Sister M. Genevieve Moultin, Sister M. Regina Monroe, Sister M. Veronica Dean

Scripps Mercy Hospital

Time and place

I really enjoyed reading your [archived] story about Sr. Mary Michael Cummings (Angel in Black, September 27, 2001). I was looking to see when she died and where she was buried but could not find it in the article. Do you know?

  • Phil Remington
  • Carlsbad

From roots.web:

Death: 6 Oct 1922 in San Diego, San Diego, California of angina pectoris. Burial: 9 Oct 1922 Holy Cross Cemetery, San Diego.

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