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San Diego sidewalk cafe rules don't make sense

Set my drinkers free

Question: How come you can drink a glass of wine at some sidewalk cafés and not others? Scene One: You don’t even want to know when this is. But I was a student, in Wellington, ...

Blind guitarman's blues

Cory Wilkins: "Don’t invest in music if you are risk-averse."

Cory Wilkins was playing eight gigs a week in Sarasota, Florida, before he moved to San Diego 13 years ago. He can sing, play guitar, and write songs. But he can’t see. “I had some ...

Homeless in the House

Voices of Our City Choir dissed at premier venue?

When the San Diego Music Awards approached musician and homelessness advocate Steph Johnson about having her Voices of Our City Choir open the show at House of Blues last month, she and the group were ...

Guamanian — more habanero and serrano peppers than Hawaiian and Filipino

A surprise in Barrio Logan

Canvas sign blurs by. “Matua’s… Islander Grill.” Wha? There’s no eateries in this part of the Barrio. What’s up? I pull the cord on the 901. Sixteenth and National. Whole city of homeless tents stretches ...

National City mayor and two councilmembers sued for changes to sanctuary city resolution

Lawsuit accuses them of Brown Act violations

A last-minute decision by National City's mayor Ron Morrison, and two councilmembers to water down a resolution to certify National City as a "welcoming community," is now the subject of a new lawsuit. South Bay ...

The cool mom

Jonathan Levine discusses Snatched, Schumer, and Goldie

There’s been an ugly trend of late where Oscar-winning actresses who have been out of the limelight for some time return to play flamboyantly kooky mother figures. Jane Fonda did it twice (Monster-In-Law, Georgia Rule) ...

What's with all the heavy metal distinctions?

Sad White People + Occasional Clapping

Dear DJ: On an episode of Seinfeld, Elaine called Kramer a hipster dufus. Sure, Kramer was a doofus, but was he a hipster doofus? Did they have hipsters in the early ’90s? — RJ Narlian ...

In-Ko-Pah 4 a go

Rock out in the whipping wind above Ocotillo

For the past four years and for the price of a few burritos and a couple beers, Jim Ko-Pah’s and John Ko-Pah’s high-desert “High Jinks” has been one of San Diego’s best kept secrets among ...

I was popular in school and played sports, but I felt so isolated

The Pentecostal Church is experiential much more than analytical

Denomination: Pentecostal Membership: 400 Pastor: Marc Stevenson Age: 45 Born: Anaheim Formation: Christian Life College, Stockton; Urshan Seminary, St. Louis, MO. Years Ordained: 15 San Diego Reader: How long do you spend writing your sermon? ...

Anza Borrego's Diablo — a triple divide peak

It confounds logic

It was the view from Diablo Peak’s north saddle that Anza-Borrego Desert State Park rangers first discovered Fish Creek’s popular Sandstone Canyon in the 1950s. The view of Sandstone Canyon continues to impress those who ...

Doug Liman on The Wall

The sniper is so far away that you’ll be dead before you hear the gunshot

Doug Liman’s The Wall pits two American soldiers (John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the latter looking like Jake Gyllenhaal and talking like Casey Affleck and acquitting himself admirably) against an Iraqi sniper in the pipelined, ...

Gypsyfest: a party of magnitude

"Nudists were there but it was not overwhelming."

About 20 miles east and a week after In-Koh-Pah 4, on June 10 San Diego Gypsyfest returns, to be held again at the nudist De Anza Springs Resort. Like last year, there will be 35 ...

We’re measured by measures we take

Three poems by John Lyon

The Measure of Man The word and the world and the weather Are measured by meters we make. What’s given is given; however We receive only what we can take. So we take what we ...

A private Olde Del Mar location

“Expansive white water ocean views to the west, endless lagoon & mountain views to the east”

Beds: 6 Baths: 8 Current Owner: PDMI LLC (Denver-based developer) Asking Price: $22,500,000 The luxury estate situated at 2160 Balboa Avenue, on a peninsula of land between the San Dieguito River and Pacific Ocean just ...

Get your tickets!

New shows announced for Circa Wave, Michelle Branch, Fallout Boy, lots more

The final date of Circa Waves’s headline tour supporting their sophomore album Different Creatures hits the Casbah on June 14. The Liverpool lads have beefed up their somewhat twee sound, thanks in no small part ...

A $13 street-side massage in Tijuana

“Take off your shirt, lower your pants, and lie down on the table.”

Countless street masseurs ply their trade throughout the city of Tijuana. Most sit on sidewalks near popular areas such as parks, flea markets, plazas, and churches. Signs hanging around their necks read “Experto Sobador” — ...

Not so forest-friendly

Toni Atkins and multitudinous dollars of special interests

State senator Toni Atkins had plenty of food, drink, and travel in 2016, thanks to the multitudinous dollars of special interests. Her personal financial report filed for last year shows she received greater than $100,000 ...

Tattooed Lady to stomp through Gator by the Bay

Marcia Ball's been playing it her way for a while

The pedigree is deep and jam-packed with true musical genius for this genre in which Marcia Ball specializes, meaning roadhouse New Orleans swamp boogie. It’s a music that comes out of another time and place ...

Zapf zaps term limit

Redistricting may mean a third time on city council

Republican San Diego city councilwoman Lorie Zapf was first elected in 2010 to represent District 6. She was reelected in June 2014 from District 2 after her house ended up there as a result of ...

The crossword, that shooting, and a disappointed aspiring writer

A broad range of letter topics

You Make It That Much Harder I am writing because I was extremely disappointed to read the article about Francisco Sousa — the accused SDSU student who recently settled with the university for $10,000 — ...

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