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Chula’s Mission nurtures San Diego's motherless girls

The mourning is never going to go away completely

As Mother’s Day approaches, most of us are faced with the usual Hallmark-holiday–related concerns — which flowers go best with this year’s card and how soon in advance do we need to make brunch reservations? ...

Valley soccer fever

SDSU expansion depends on pro sports

Who will actually determine the fate of a much-talked-about plan to expand San Diego State University onto the Mission Valley land currently occupied by Qualcomm Stadium? Judging from last month’s minutes of the school’s Campanile ...

The Guitar Shorty story

The backflipping bluesman from Texas

David William Kearney, from Houston, tells many entertaining stories about music-industry luminaries such as Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Guy and Guitar Slim, and for all I know, they’re true. Even though his own star never ...

Glass Door fails to grab my gut

Wham and so-so

You know the theory: restaurants with great views rest on their location laurels.

Silly Rabbit

"I just played the keyboard player in the new Cyndi Lauper video 'Funnel of Love.'”

Try as you might, describing Jesika von Rabbit’s music/performance is not an easy task. She’s been referred to as everything from a “postmodern, intergalactic pop provocateur” to “part pop princess parody, part desert gypsy.” When ...

Leisure class Issa

Staffer stops included a private tour of UK parliament

A staffer for North County Republican congressman Darrell Issa has again ventured away from Washington and “met with European leaders in London and Brussels concerning policy issues affecting commerce and innovation in the U.S,” according ...

Spring salad mix highlights spicy leaves and edible flowers

Find four shades of radish this season

Beets and summer squash continue to run strong around the county during the month of May, including at JR Organics, which is also enjoying some prime time in its strawberry season. JR Organics farmers’ market ...

Hazelnut spreads square off

That one hazelnut-chocolate spread isn’t the only one

Which one comes out on top?

The Shadows of Nasty City

Surf-punk four-piece outgrows hip-hop high school

If you go to Sweetwater High, chances are good you are into hip-hop. “That’s just what all the kids from National City are into,” says Andy Saldana, singer/guitarist of Los Shadows. “Our area is gangster ...

Sample San Diego’s many habitats at Guajome Regional Park

Dangerous plants at the frog pond

The name Guajome is taken from the Luiseño word “wakhavumi,” which means “frog pond.” Yes, it is that and so much more! Located just a breeze away from Carlsbad’s lagoons and the Pacific Ocean, this ...

No one has played a better drunk

Recommendations from Moviewallas reviewers/podcasters

Is there another film that can match the rat-a-tat volley of wit in The Philadelphia Story (USA, 1940, MGM)? This is best-in-show for director George Cukor, and the unimprovable trio of Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, ...

Cirque du Nortec

Tijuana electronica duo will make it home from the circus for Cinco

If you are reading this on May 5, there is a good chance that the two main members of the Nortec Collective are flying over your head from Montreal. The Tijuana-based techno musicians are scheduled ...

Vinyl records can’t pay the rent, that’s why

Brooklyn and L.A. have bid farewell to record stores, despite a ten-year uptick in record sales

Dear Hipster: If hipsters are so good about supporting local businesses, then why did Off the Record close? I thought hipsters were all about music on vinyl. Shouldn’t there have been a healthy market for ...

Resident Putin

The Residents are not who you think they are — wait, who do you think they are?

Two key points about the Residents: nobody knows who they are after 40-plus years (though they’ve taken to calling the three people on stage “Randy, Chuck, and Bob”), and they always employ masks, costumes, and ...

Finish! And find a job. And pay the landlord.

Three poems by Maryann Corbett

The Resistance Their backs bent double and their heads kept low, the seedling maples infiltrate the row. A tyrant with a keen idea of order, I slaughter the insurgents at the border, scuffle and slash ...

This argument denigrates theatergoers

Being an audience member isn’t just a passive process of watching and absorbing. It requires engagement.

Small productions, such as ion theatre company’s Jesus Hates Me (directed by Glenn Paris and Claudio Raygoza), lack big budgets, so actors double as techies. During scene changes, they might be mere feet from the ...

Beach Slang campfire test

Philly quartet rides a rising new record into town to play Casbah Friday night

After releasing a pair of EPs, Beach Slang dropped their debut album, The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us, last October. A couple of months later, the band watched as it ...

The Brain Trust book club

I like raccoons

I felt my face flush with heat when across the table I heard these names pronounced correctly, with perfect French accents: “Al-bare Kam-oo” and “Mare-so.”

Show us the numbers, Civic San Diego

Hundred-million-dollar question

Murky financial reporting from San Diego’s former redevelopment agency.

Life in a tourist town

Readers reflect

How Am I a Tourist? Re: City Lights, April 28: “Convention Centers Lose Bundles of Money” I’d like somebody to look into the legality of this hotel tax. It sounds like George Bush’s trickle-down economics, ...

Mr. Deputy’s wild ride

Buckle up. Or use a van.

A prisoner hurt in a crash involving a speeding sheriff’s vehicle has filed a complaint with the county’s Citizens’ Law Enforcement Review Board alleging that two deputies failed to fasten his seatbelt before taking off ...

Babylonian Creation Myth

Still looking for the fifth tablet....

The Babylonian Creation Myth When there was no heaven, No earth, no height, no depth, no name When Apsu was alone, The sweet water, the first begetter; and Tiamat The bitter water, and that Return ...