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Child of War: From Afghanistan to San Diego

Crazy gangster became a soldier at 17.

Sher Mohammad Haidari heard the radio crackle with Taliban chatter as the Army platoon he was with trudged through a valley in eastern Afghanistan looking for a U.S. soldier who had abandoned his post. The ...

The phrase that every piece of U.S. currency bears

The man behind the money

In God we trust.— Salmon Portland Chase Salmon Portland Chase (1808-1873 was an American politician and sixth Chief Justice of the United States (1864-1873). Besides serving as 23rd governor of Ohio, Chase also served as ...

Port district talks pollution minimization

Expansion plan for marine terminal gets smiley face, deemed "holistic"

A group numbering several dozen environmental activists along with residents of Barrio Logan and surrounding communities gathered at the Port of San Diego on Tuesday afternoon (December 13) to cheer the port's board of directors ...

Rockin' Cranberries?

It's the Full Measure Carolers' favorite time of year

“I joined the group about 13 years ago and bought the company 9 years later. We have between 45 and 50 singers, depending on the season,” says Angelica Eclar Ryan, speaking with me on a ...

Hibiscus beer for the win

Border X nabs brewery startup prize

On December 1st, Barrio Logan brewery Border X was named the $5000 winner of the Startup Brewery Challenge. The biannual competition is staged by national craft beer website and Craft Brew Alliance, the "fifth ...

Goat is my game

Bleat-worthy meats in National City

"Se habla English!!” That’s what it says on the menu I’m checking out, here in National City. It also says “Birrio de Chivo, Guadalajara-style, perfected in Tijuana and imported into the USA.” Perfect. Because tonight, ...

Eight minutes with Pablo Larraín

Not enough time with the director of Jackie

I owe my love of Pablo Larraín to the San Diego Latino Film Festival. Their programming of Tony Manero and Post Mortem was tantamount to extracting a giant thorn from this reporter’s paw. Tony Manero ...

Gifts for the last-minute hipster shopper

Consider giving the “Nasty Woman” T-shirt

Dear Hipster: I’m super burnt out on the whole “holiday shopping” scene. I went to the movies in Mission Valley the other day, and I’m still having flashbacks from the sight of cars practically running ...

Teenage singer/songwriter Marissa Grace lists her faves

Her life changed after her spoof of “Rude” by Magic earned Grace airplay on the local Jeff & Jer radio show

"I play pop rock, infused with some folk, funk, and jazz,” says La Mesa’s Marissa Grace, who started studying piano at age four. The 13-year-old took vocal lessons with local stars Eve Selis and Mattie ...

San Diego spots for fancy hot cocoa

Chocolate bliss

My second daughter has one of those dreaded late-December birthdays, the kind that make both the birthday and Christmas feel a little less special because of their proximities. I confess that last year, budget and ...

First one's free at Blowhole studio

Record-maker Scott Lehman's got plans for bands on a budget

Scott Lehman left Canada a year ago when his wife got a plum job as a cancer researcher at Salk Institute. The guitarist/keyboardist had spent three years in Acronycal, a Foo Fighter-ish band that had ...

Meth lab cleanup bills go unpaid

Costly crystal mess

San Diego County environmental health honchos have been lax dunning local landlords for cleaning up hazardous chemicals left over from busted methamphetamine labs on their property, an audit has found. “Although 10 collection notifications were ...

Mr. Robinson's frontier spirit

Psych-n-blues-rock band Chris Robinson Brotherhood takes the stage at the Observatory on Friday

Ex–Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson brings the Chris Robinson Brotherhood to the Observatory North Park on December 16. In between the phone signal cutting out in Appalachia, he took some questions. Where am I reaching ...

Juniper Canyon’s evidence of tectonic plate activity

Experience feeling alone with nature in the middle of the city

Juniper Canyon Open Space is mainly an urban remnant of the local native coastal sage scrub, with some intermingling of chaparral and some weedy growth along the trail. The trail itself varies from a narrow ...

The emotional wallop of Jackie

Natalie Portman takes us through a cauterized grieving process

Individuals who have history thrust upon them frequently make the best movie subjects. Lawrence of Arabia, Melvin and Howard, The Last Emperor, Vera Drake, and many other cinematic profiles have done wonders with a passive ...

X times 4

L.A. cow-punk band X turns 40 next year, celebrates with four nights at Casbah

Anybody who caught X when they were wee lads playing shows in Los Angeles circa 1977 is about to feel old: X is on the brink of turning the big 4-0. “The reason we’re doing ...

Bob Ross, anti-hipster

Near-universal positive regard

Dear Hipster: Since he embraced kitsch and practically hid his most clever comments by saying them in the same soft tone of voice as everything else he said, was Bob Ross the ultimate anti-hipster? — ...

Dandy Warhols' dandy ear candy

The Portland band will slather Distortland all over the Belly Up stage on Thursday

“I never thought you’d be a junkie/ because heroin is so passé.” Who would think to give the smack nation its own pink and yellow television-style game show, complete with burning luxe cars, dancing syringes, ...

I stole my best friend's girl

Relating to The Mystery of Love and Sex

The playwright Bash Doran has come right out and said in interviews that The Mystery of Love and Sex is a play partly about race, partly family, and mostly sexuality; but that doesn’t mean we ...

The Goring of Detroit

Vulture capitalist’s next big venture

When David Copley sold the Union-Tribune to Tom Gores and his Beverly Hills–based Platinum Equity back in 2009, the vulture capitalist with Palestinian roots vowed that he was in the newspaper business for the long ...

A Nocturnal upon St. Lucy’s Day

A poem from John Donne, the premier member of the “metaphysical poets”

’Tis the year’s midnight, and it is the day’s, Lucy’s, who scarce seven hours herself unmasks; The sun is spent, and now his flasks Send forth light squibs, no constant rays; The world’s whole sap ...

Dandys, X, Blasters, and Bey

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this weekend

Thursday 15L.A. cow-punk originators X — about to turn 40 and featuring the original lineup of John Doe, Exene Cervenka, Billy Zoom, and DJ Bonebreak — will rock the Casbah for four nights, Thursday (with ...

Hamburgers, mayors, and historians

No letters about Trump this week!

What Did They Do to the Meat? I read with interest your comments about the Habit, the hamburger restaurant. I agree with the author 100 percent about the meat — the hamburger patty has not ...

Sunday's Giant Surprise, Anti-Monday bands, three guys called Mordecai, and Manual Scan

...and the best of the rest in San Diego clubs this week

Sunday 18Giant surprise for all you area shoegazers, there’s a Grade A shoegaze group in our midst called Giant Surprise, and their debut’s got the goods, blamming blown-cone songs that are speak-sung in that ’gazer ...


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