Harbor patrol stays busy responding to vessel-adrift reports
  • Harbor patrol stays busy responding to vessel-adrift reports
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San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.


— Harbor Police units investigated an environmental incident in the Shelter Island Yacht Basin.


— Harbor Police units cited a 51-year-old male for obstructing an officer and a speed violation in the Shelter Island Yacht Basin.

— SDPD has RP who states 20 Yo F entered water at T3 almost 20 minutes ago and has not returned to towel area. Rescue 5 by sea, 24 Sam by land and subject walked out while units were en-route.

— Vessel Assist 10-21 LCC advising of a contract of theirs was taking on water next to our operations dock. Bahl plugged the hole and bilge worked to clear the rest of the water. Vessel Assist towed vessel to Dana.

— Missing Person at risk; 73 Yo W/M, blk hat, wht shirt, khaki pants. Subject found by PD

— 55 Yo F fainting. Lifeguard treats and turns over to E15 and M20. PT to UCSD.

— Jet ski in surf south of OB Pier. Lifeguards respond and issues citations.

— Vessel adrift off “No Surf”. Owner (RP) calls 911 to advise of dead battery and anchor not holding. Member of and handled by Vessel Assist.

— Head Injury/Surfing accident. 22 Yo F at NPB. Lifeguards, Emer and Medical respond. PT to Scripps La Jolla.

— NPB reports altered level of consciousness due to head vs. bottom (bodysurfing accident) Lifeguards, Emer, Medical respond. S-Spine precaution. PT to Scripps LJ.

— Vessel taking on water. MI and GI respond to a 24’ Maxim. Guardian finds source and fixed leak and bilge functions to dewater.

— 2 PWC’s jumping waves at SMB. Lifeguards intercept and escorts back to operations dock for citations.

— Water Rescues. RP at Crab Catcher observes a kayak, swimmer and a SUP blow into emerald cove. 3S, Cove and Jet III 11-59 x 3 and tx all parties to boat launch.

— Person down at Seaforth aboard vessel Alexis. Lifeguard, Emer, Medic respond. 65 Yo M to UCSD, possible heat exhaustion.


— Harbor Police units investigated a case of child endangerment aboard a vessel off of Harbor Island.

— Surfboat requested La Jolla Cove for the Caves, kayak rescues. Rescues clear before the vessel arrives.

— Reckless driving by vessels in De Anza Launch area. Red and White PWC. Boat gone on arrival.

— Mass Rescue at Brighton St. OB requests vessel respond. All victims rescued and on the beach.

— Missing Person at Blacks Beach Glider Port. Reported missing person last seen in the water off the Glider Port. Person found on the beach.

— Person with Altered Loc at Felspar St. 58 Yo M mild status with no head or back pain. Medics on scene will handle.

— Missing surfer in water at Tourmaline. 12 Yo F light blue spring suit named Amber. Units respond and locate Amber.

— Swimmer in distress at no surf beach. Jet1 with 11-59, 2 others make it into the beach. Lifeguards clear.

— Swimmer rescues at childrens pool at extension reef called in via 911. Lifeguards respond and make rescues. Medics called to evaluate. PT AMA, no medical.

— Vessel vs Vessel, no injuries west Ventura St. R3 on scene and minor damage only with no injuries. Parties exchange info.

— Dislocated shoulder vs ocean floor. 2sam requests medics. Medics eval and transport to Scripps LJ.

— Medical aid NPB 51yof possible broken arm. Lifeguards respond and pass over to medics. Transport to Scripps LJ.

— Pwc speeding near shoreline at night in S. Pac Passage. Lifeguard responds via vehicle to meet with RP. UTL clear.

— 911 call of people calling for help south of Scripps pier. Lifeguards respond. Meet with RP and witnesses. 2 surfers called in from water and confirmed they were yelling to each other. Clear.


— Harbor Police units cited a 43-year-old male near Buoy 17 for operating a vessel without navigation lights.

— Harbor Police units responded to a call of a vessel sinking near Buoy 14 with 3 people on board. The vessel was stabilized and towed to the Shelter Island Launch Ramp.

— Disabled vessel south of the OB pier. 16 foot vessel with 2pob disabled, R5 confirms and they are well outside the surf. Secure in location and contract out for a tow to dock.

— Lost VHF transmission of boat near the rocks in the Mission Bay Channel. R3 makes contact with vessel assist and they search. UTL.

— Sailboat clipped a kayaker no injuries and no damage by the Catamaran on Sail Bay. M1 met with RP and took report.

— Shoulder injury Ocean Beach 32 Yo M. Lifeguard requests medics. Patient AMA.

— Boat stuck in the reserve at Kendall Frost. R4 is able to access boat and get them underway.

— Noise complaint from pontoon boat in Mariners Basin. Pontoon boat playing loud music near homes in basin by Bayside walk. POB warned and lifeguards clear.

— Windansea unstaffed for 5 victims. Multiple units respond. All victims uninjured on the beach.

— Cliff rescue at the Boundary Line 3 victims non injured 100 feet up from the bottom. Northern area cliff response. All 3 victims rescued with no injuries.


— SDPD call transfer of Security at Dana Inn reporting a vessel adrift. 20 foot Maxim cf 0335 RN. Lifeguard responds solo via vessel. He is able to secure the vessel and transport back to dispatch. In the am it is found that the vessel belongs to Adventure Water Sports out of Dana. Owner responds by vessel and gets their boat.

— 911 transfer reports swimmers splashing and yelling at the ¼ mile buoy off La Jolla Cove. Units and vessels respond. 31sam meets people on the beach and U33 meets with the RP. The swimmers encountered a marine mammal that was messing with them. They were making the splashing and noise to scare the marine animal away.

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