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September 29

— 13:19 Medical: Hemorrhage/Laceration at Bonita Cove. Lifeguard and emergency units respond. Fire handles call.

— 16:30 Medical: At OB Pier Café, a fisherman has a stingray wound to hand. OB Lifeguards respond and transport to tower for treat and release.

— 17:49 Medical: Diabetic problems in Ocean Beach. Lifeguards, medics respond. SDFD is on scene and Lifeguards cancel.

— 18:18 Other: Request for “check the welfare” at Driscoll Marina. Boating unit and lifeguard respond. Lifeguards enter vessel and find no one on board. Dock master advised and will investigate and contact PD if necessary.

September 28

— 07:20 River: SDPD requests river response for a 11-44 in SD River, 5300 Friars Road (just east of the PCH overpass). SDPD on-scene, River Rescue units respond and extricate the body. Emergency responds for decon. LG’s clear. ME evaluates and handles.

— 11:27 Other: RP advises Seagull with hook stuck in its body at Blacks Beach, Mushroom house. Lifeguard responds and assists.

— 12:12Enforcement: RP advises 415 in Tourmaline parking lot. Lifeguard responds and meets RP. LG clear, play-fighting.

— 13:42 Medical: Dog bite North Mission Bay Drive and Claremont Drive. Emergency, medics respond. Emergency and medics handle.

— 16:34 Medical: LG request medics for a 34y/o male w/ knife injury to arm at the OB main LG Tower w/difficulty stopping bleeding. Emergency, lifeguards, medics and SDPD on scene. Medics transport PT to UCSD. SDPD conduct investigation.

— 1741 Medical: Lifeguards request medics for a 62y/o male, difficulty breathing with past history at MB LG tower. Lifeguards, medics treat, medics transport to Sharps.

— 1903 Swimmer/Medical: 911 call. RP advise surfer struggling north of Crystal Pier. Lifeguards respond. Surfer dragged to beach by other surfers in water. LG’s on scene advice 35y/o male, possibly post-ictal, breathing, altered. Medics requested. Medics respond to foot of Law Street. Medics transport to Scripps.

September 27

— 10:54 Medical: Stingray wound at Blacks’ Beach. South of Indian Canyon Trail. Lifeguard unit responds. Treat and release.

— 13:18 Medical: C-Spine injury at foot of San Fernando Place. Lifeguard units, medics respond. Patient transported to Scripps La Jolla.

— 1320 Medical: Stingray wound at Blacks’ Beach. Volleyball courts is the location. Lifeguard unit responds. Treat and release.

— 16:42 Medical: Man down at Mission Blvd and Garnet St. Emergenct, lifeguards and Medic respond. Units unable to locate victim.

— 18:13 Medical: Patient at Ocean Beach Lifeguard Station has loss of consciousness from a fall. Lifeguard, medics respond. Patient transported to Grossmont Hospital.

— 19:15 Boating: Report of boat waterskiing in the dark at Sail Bay. Call received via VHF 16. Lifeguard boat unit responds and is unable to locate.

September 26

— 06:33 Other: RP advises flashing light 100 yards off LJ Cove, possible distress call. LG unit responds. Area checks clear.

— 09:59 Medical: LG unit on scene at 1950 Abbott with a 4y/o female, 647f – ETOH, not alert. PT becomes combative and moves to bathrooms. SDPD, emergency, lifeguard, medics respond. LG/Fire stand back, SDPD takes 10-16.

— 11:51Medical: MDC medical aid/trauma at Cody’s Restaurant (Girard x Coast) 41y/o male w/back injury. LG, emergency, medics respond. Fire on scene and handles.

— 12:53 Swimmer: 911 call. RP concerned for safety of person swimming off Crystal Pier. Tower lifeguards have in sight and advise no rescue needed, all clear.

— 12:48 Boating: 911 call. USCG calls advising vessel DIW Mission Bay-Fiesta Bay, 24’ Bayliner. Vessel Guardian searches, UTL. LGs clear.

— 14:15 Medical: 911 call. Person down, right ankle injury. Stingray. RP unfamiliar with landmarks, at Fairways. Lifeguard responds. Treat and release.

— 15:01 Boating: 911 call. Vessel sinking on Mission Bay, Information center/De Anza, 3 POB. Lifeguard boat units respond. LGs report vessel self-rescue/grounding on Fiesta Island. LG unit gives courtesy tow to De Anza. LGs clear.

— 15:51 Medical: Allergy/bee sting at the foot of Law Street. 11y/o male. Emergency, medic, LG respond. AMA/guardian release. LGs clear.

— 15:58 Other: RP/wife reporting kite-surfer down on Mission Bay/Government Island. LG boat unit responds. Kite deflated, Boat unit LGs perform water rescue and transports to land. LGs clear.

— 16:41 Cliff/Medical: 911 call. RP halfway up Citizen’s Trail has heat stroke. PT has history of fainting. Lifeguards, medics respond and walk PT out to beach and transport to the foot of Black Gold Rd to meet with Medics. Medics AMA, LGs clear.

— 17:08 Boating: RP from San Juan Cove advises 25’ Catalina adrift, broken mooring. LG boat unit responds. LGs return vessel to mooring #109 and clear.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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