Stingray swimming in the water
  • Stingray swimming in the water
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August 19

—HP contacted several subjects who were in Chula Vista Bayfront Park after hours. One of the subjects was taken to jail due to being in violation of a court order.

—Unknown age female hit in head by surfboard at tourmaline. LGs 21Sam and U25 respond. Patient self-transport.

—Vessel adrift at the mouth of Mission Bay channel, 3 POB. Guardian I responds and vessel is towed to a safe anchorage.

—Ankle injury at Marine St. prompts LG’s to requests medics. Victim is a 19 y/o male. Medics transport patient to UCSD.

—31 y/o male injured from a jet pack accident at South Shores Boat Ramp. LG’s, Fire and Medics respond. Medic 13 transports victim to UCSD and SDPD handles the Vessel accident report.

August 18

—HP dispatched to the Harbor Police guest docks for a disturbance. It was found that a female guest attempted to pet a dog that was on a leash. The dog jumped up and bit the woman causing injuries. She later received medical treatment. Notifications were made to Animal Control.

—Person calling for help near La Jolla Cove. 31Sam, Jet3 and CoveX respond. Water rescue.

—16 y/o male with a stingray wound. Altered LOC. ShoresX, Medic9 and Engine9 respond. M9 to Mercy.

—27 y/o male with a dislocated shoulder. Ocean Beach. OB guards, Engine22 and Medic24 respond. AMA.

—19 y/o male with hemorrhaging at Dana w/rectal bleeding. Engine20, Medic20 and 4Sam respond. Fire handles.

—23 y/o female with arterial bleeding from a sting ray wound. La Jolla Shores beach and tennis club. Utility3, 31Sam, Engine13 and Medic9 respond. Medics to Scripps La Jolla.

—Two PWC’s jumping waves at Santa Cruz. Unit 100, Jet2 and Rescue7 respond. Both PWC’s written cites.

—28 y/o Male stingray patient at Blacks Beach. Unit35 and Unit34 respond. Private transport.

—Heart attack at Hospitality Point. Unit42, Truck20, Medic20 and Engine4 respond. Medic 20 to UCSD.

—75 y/o male aspiration at La Jolla Cove. CoveX, Engine13, 3Sam and Medic21 respond. Medic21 to Scripps La Jolla.

—70 y/o male with chest pain. On bike path near Sunset Cliffs Bridge. Unit42, Engine20 and Medic32 respond. Fire handles call.

—Female with seizures at OB near Narragansett. 30 y/o female. 1Sam, Medic16 and Engine15 respond. Medic 16 to unknown location.

August 17

—Off Bahia Hotel, RP advises two SUP’s off shore and can’t get back. Marine III responds. LGs clear, paddlers made it back to shore on their own.

—Call Box at Tourmaline. Stingray wound on foot. U25, 2Sam respond. U25 advises PT self treats, LGs clear.

—911 call. Ladera Park on beach, possible stingray wound, 19 y/o male. 1Sam, E22 respond. LGs gain access to PT on beach, walk out. Medics treat, LGs clear.

—911 call. Crown Point/Sail Bay. Mother advises two juveniles took SUPs out to watch fireworks at 2150, and have not returned yet. 2x 15 y/o females on one SUP, no PFD, no leash. Launched from 1145 PB Drive. 24Sam, Rescue 5 respond. Mother advises females back at residence, LGs clear.

August 16

—HP dispatched to the A-3 Anchorage to investigate a domestic violence call. It was found that one of the parties involved sustained injuries. The suspect was taken to jail and booked for domestic violence charges.

—Tourmaline call box call for 85 y/o shoulder injury from surfing. U-25 treats and patient released for self-transport.

—Jet-1 and R-7 respond to a disabled PWC. Jet-1 clears intake and PWC 10-8.

—R-1 responds to two kayakers who can’t get back on board in Fisherman’s Channel. R-1 picks them up and transports them to shoreline.

—G-1 responds to call for service of bird wrapped in fishing line. Bird freed and transports back to Sea World and released.

—U-34 responds to stingray patient near Black Gold Rd. Patient to self-treat and self-transport.

—U-22, M-21 and E-21 respond to 73y/o female who fainted and hit her head. U-22 takes c-spine precautions, assisted by two off-duty medics. M-21 transports to Scripps LJ.

—3-K responds to 911 call for two missing swimmers who hadn’t returned to bonfire after entering water approximately 2hrs earlier. Missing swimmers walk up to RP several minutes into call developing. LGs clear.

August 15

—RP advises dog jumped into water on bay side of weir in MB Channel. Owner retrieved dog back to weir, then to OB Dog Beach. 4Sam, Rescue 5, respond. Utility 1 met with RP. Dog back on dog beach.

—RP advises boat on the rocks at Mission Point, south side. Guardian I responds. Boat rescued by good Samaritan.

—Utility 3 requests Medics for a 21 y/o dizzy & SOB from swimming. Utility 3, E13, MR9 respond. Patient AMA with MR9.

—Utility 20 requests Medics for a 12 y/o slip and fall (head injury). 700 Feldspar. Utility 20 on scene, 21Sam, E21, M35 respond. M35 transport to Childrens.

—21 y/o male dizzy and confused after swimming. Spindrift, La Jolla. 3 Alpha, E9, M21 respond. Medic 21 transport to Scripps LJ.

August 14

—HP dispatched to a large tug boat fire near Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal. Harbor Police and SDFD both responded to the scene and worked together to extinguish the fire. Upon boarding the vessel, fire crews located a deceased male subject next to a discharged fire extinguisher. The fire appeared to be started in the galley, possibly by a lit cigarette.

—HP were dispatched to investigate a disturbance in the Cabrillo Marina. It was found there was a verbal altercation between two male subjects. HP documented the incident

—43 y/o male c-spine injury from surfing at Voltaire parking lot. LG’s Fire and medics respond. Patient is transported to UCSD.

—83y/o male experiencing weakness from a fall on his boat at Marina Village on a 28ft Cal. LG’s and Fire, Medics respond. Medic 20 to UCSD.

—Man down on sand at 3450 Mission Bay, bayside lane. 35y/o male altered level of consciousness. Patient eloped LG’s and Fire clear.

—Free diver rapid ascent from 25 ft. at La Jolla cove; altered level of consciousness. LG’s Fire and Medics respond. Medic 9 transports to UCSD.

—Man down from heat exhaustion at the wave house; 61 y/o male patient. LG’s, Fire and Medics respond. Medic 21 to Scripps LJ.

—PWC having trouble at North Ingraham St. Bridge. Rescue 4 and Marine I respond. Vessel rights itself, units clear.

—Male 42y/o with a knee injury. LG’s, Fire and Medics respond. Patient AMA with Medic 24.

—Sailboat hit a SUP with Female on board, no injuries. 41Sam, 173 King, Guardian and 4Sam respond. Vessel that hit female found in Fisherman’s channel. SDPD takes a report FI’s all involved and goes clear.

—Mayday VHF call on a 25ft. Catalina at Sunset Cliffs. 1Sam, R-7 and Jet 1 respond. Rescue 7 tows vessel.

—Medics requested at Marine St. for a 52 y/o female from self rescue. LG’s, Fire and Medics respond. Medic 35 transports to Scripps La Jolla.

—Vessel adrift at Stony Point on 2 yellow PWC’s. R-4 responds. Vessel’s towed to Ski Beach.

—Unconscious fainting at foot of grand for a 35 y/o female. LG’s, Fire and Medics respond. Fire on scene handled the call.

—Swamped PWC at North Ingraham St. Bridge. Rescue 2 responded and PWC towed and released to Mission bay sports center.

—30y/o male altered level of consciousness at Mission Beach main tower. LG’s Fire and Medics respond. Medic 9 transports to Balboa.

—Head vs. bottom C-spine at 1950 Abbott on a 17y/o male. LG’s, Fire, and Medics respond. Patient to Scripps Mercy.

—Altered LOC on a 51y/o male at La Jolla shores playground. LG’s, Fire and medics respond. Medic 34 transports patient to Scripps La Jolla.

August 13

—Fishing vessel on VHF 16 reports a kayak with no POB off Campland. 24-Sam responds in a lifeguard rescue vessel and locates the owner on West Fiesta Island.

—Call box call for a sting ray victim at Tourmaline. U-25 responds and patient is transported to PB for routine treatment.

—Report of a Vessel adrift 200 yards off Crown Point. A lifeguard rescue vessel responds and the owner returns to vessel via PWC.

—CPR in progress at Bonita Cove with Bonita Cove guards on scene. Lifeguard response from the BSU, patient was in the water and had a heart attack AED deployed. M-20 transports to UCSD and Project Heart Beat notified.

—Overturned sail boat off Dana Landing. Two lifeguard rescue vessels respond, the vessel is a Mission Bay Aquatic Center rental, they are notified and the vessel was left secured to the dock.

—U-32 requests medics for a 73 year old male fall victim with altered LOC. M-35 transports to Scripps La Jolla.

—U-23 request medics to the Southern Comfort Station for a 60 y/o female experiencing weakness with a history of UTI. Patient elopes.

—Dropped call from a vessel possibly taking on water at South Cove. A lifeguard fire boat responds and finds a Sea-Doo disabled but not taking on water. The lifeguard fire boat tows to Ski Beach/clear.

—911 call reporting an overdue jet skier from De Anza Cove. A lifeguard rescue vessel searches Mission Bay. Jet Ski returns to De Anza/clear.

—SDHPD reports they received a dropped call from a female stuck on the rocks in a sail boat in the area of Cabrillo National Monument. SDHPD, 1-Sam, J-1 and a lifeguard rescue vessel and a fire boat respond. Area searched extensively and nothing found.

—23-x requests medics for a 12 year old male with head trauma at the Wave House. Patient transported to Scripps La Jolla.

—SDPD reports a baby was pulled from the water not breathing N. of the Information Center. SDPD, 24-Sam, a lifeguard rescue vessel, fire and medics respond. 24-Sam arrives on scene to find medics with a 1 year old breathing, ER doctor was able to clear airway before medics arrived. Patient is transported to Children’s.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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Rocket_J_Squirrel Aug. 30, 2016 @ 9:19 a.m.

"Stingray Incidents Spike" - I get it.


It's like "Leopard Sharks Spotted Off La Jolla Shores! ".

or maybe:

"Sea Urchins In Prickly Situation! "

Now, back to CMH for me.


Daniel Powell Aug. 30, 2016 @ 7:31 p.m.

Hey, they did a good job. Consider the head I sent with the data: "Jet Pack accident at South Shores – Stingray hits a vein"


Daniel Powell Aug. 30, 2016 @ 7:37 p.m.

I mean, really, the 85 y/o surfer with the dislocated shoulder self-transporting didn't impress you more than a metaphoric headline..?


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