Public beaches are no place for coitus
  • Public beaches are no place for coitus
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San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.


— Missing person with unusual circumstances. Boyfriend did not return after a night of drinking. Cell phone ping in Ocean off Reed St. Girlfriend finds wallet, shoes, shorts and shirt on the beach at Reed St. Lifeguards respond to meet with PD and cursory search of area. MP found, walked into home at 0615.

— Lifeguards, Emer, Medics at Brighton bathrooms for a 25 Yo M with back spasms. PT to Balboa Navel Hospital.

— RP states that disabled PWC is yelling for help in the kelp of Ladera. Lifeguards respond to find the PWC clear, yelling, but not for help

— RP believes people are breaking into a sailing vessel at Mariners. Lifeguards respond, it was the owners of the boat retrieving fishing gear.


— Harbor Police units arrested a 46 Yo M for operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol in Harbor Island West Lagoon.

— Harbor Police units arrested a 46 year old female for obstructing a Police Officer at a marina located in Harbor Island West Lagoon.

— Harbor Police units conducted an investigation of a theft aboard a vessel in the A-1 Anchorage.

— Vessel next to the surf in SMB wraps their prop. Lifeguards respond, before they get there the vessel is able to free their prop and clear.

— Diver with breathing problems at the Yukon aboard the Workhorse. 25 Yo M X3 with mild status. Lifeguards meet and escort to medics at the dock. Rapid accent from 70 feet. PT to UCSD.

-Pappy’s Point ½ mile out check the welfare on a PWC with 3 divers on board. R5 transports 2 divers to Ladera St to walk back to the car, letting the 1 diver stay with the PWC.

— Unconscious non trauma at the Beach Cottages on a 25 Yo M. U24 to investigate. Fire on scene and will handle.

— Possible vessel showing a light of distress. RP at the glider port.3 King starts response. It’s determined over time that the vessel is OK and the response is cancelled.


— Harbor Police units Harbor Police units arrested a 25 Yo M for an active warrant aboard a vessel in the Shelter Island Yacht Basin.

— Cove guards rescue 2 panicked swimmers. Requested medics for 55 Yo M possible aspiration. PT to Sharp Memorial.

— Seizure 2 miles out on the Privateer on a 42 Yo F. M1 escorts in and M2 Handles.

— Pier jumper off the South T Ocean Beach. 5150 jumps naked off the OB pier and Lifeguards respond to make the rescue. Person on the beach with Lifeguards and PD. PT transported to CMH.

— Seizure at Law St. on 45 Yo M in front of public restrooms. Lifeguards and medics respond. Patient AMA.


—Harbor Police units arrested a 29 Yo M for being under the influence of a controlled substance aboard a vessel in the Shelter Island Yacht Basin.

— Stingray Sting to a 25 Yo M surfer at the Tourmaline call box with uncontrolled bleeding. 3 king on scene and determines it to be MMA and private transport.

-MDC fainting of an 18yof at the top of Black Gold road. U34 responds, Lifeguards clear E9 to handle.


— Harbor Police units recovered a stolen vessel at the National City Launch Ramp.

— Report of a 16’ abandoned vessel 200 yards west of the Wier. Clear with a good Sam towing back to Dana.

— 911 call from Blacks Beach, RP states male and female having sex mid sand north of the Citizens Trail. Lifeguard responds, meets with RP and issues warnings to the couple who are leaving the beach.

— MDC for a sick person at 3105 O.F.W. Lifeguards respond, E-20 on scene handling/lifeguards clear.

— 87 Yo F fall/back injury at 741 Isthmus, Emer, Medics, Lifeguards respond. Lifeguards direct fire to the location and M-21 transports the PT.

— 911 call female with blonde hair and gash on her head washed up on the beach, not breathing at 1950 Abbott St OB. 3-King, 24-Sam, 2-L, ABLE, E-15 and M-11 respond. After re-contact with RP it is determined that the call is in Oceanside. Dispatch confirms with Oceanside Fire and PD that the Pt was located and transported.


— Harbor Police units conducted an investigation of a theft aboard a vessel in the Harbor Island West Lagoon.

— Harbor Police units arrested a 41 Yo M for an active warrant at a marina located in Harbor Island West Lagoon.

— Injured dog on Dog Beach, Life3guard transports to owners vehicle for transport.

— M-II reports possible injured person on PWC in the Kendal Frost Reserve. M-II sends a lifeguard to evaluate, not injured and M-II transports operator back to the Hilton. A chase boat retrieves PWC.

— SPB lifeguards request medics for a 47 Yo M sting ray PT. PT refuses transport and PB lifeguards treat at the tower.

— 911 PD transfer, RP at Windansea reports a plane flying low, then out of sight over the water. Lifeguard responds and meets with the RP, area checks clear.


— Cove X requests medics for a 21 Yo F with a broken toe, then original RP faints. Both PTs transported to Scripps La Jolla.

— 24-X requests medics to the Fire House restaurant for a sick 36 Yo M with LOC. E-13 arrives on scene and handles, lifeguards clear.

— 911 call for a missing swimmer at Bathtub Rock. Spear fisherman separated from his buddy for 15 min U-34, 31-Sam and R-5 respond. Person found safe in the water by U-34’s wet seat, lifeguards clear.

— Cove guards request medics for unknown medical problem. PT being pulled from the water and is in and out of consciousness. PT transported to Scripps La Jolla.

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